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Add a New Competitive Set

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Log in to Collectors Society


Upon logging in you will be at your Control Panel where your existing sets are displayed in the bottom portion of the screen.


Step 1: From the Control Panel Click ‘Add a Competitive Set’


comp set - add.JPG



Step 2: From the ‘Start With a Set Type’ tab click to select ‘US Coins’ or ‘World Coins’


comp set - add 2.JPG



Step 3: Click to select the general category of set you wish to add and click to select a specific set type


comp set - add 3.JPG



Step 4: Enter a unique set name, set description, select obscure set if applicable and click ‘Save’.


comp set - add 4.JPG



Step 5: Enter the certification number you wish to add in the appropriate slot, indicate whether it is an NGC, NCS or PCGS coin and provide a coin description (Many participants use this field to describe the appearance of a coin and/or to tell the story of how the coin was acquired.)


comp set - add 5.JPG



Step 6: When you are through entering coins for the set, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Save’


If you are submitting NGC and/or NCS coins, they will be automatically verified and added to your set. You will see confirmation of the addition unless there is an error. If there is an error, the system will provide a specific error message.


If you are submitting PCGS coins, you will be prompted to provide more information about the coins and your entries will be automatically forwarded to NGC registry administrators for verification of your coins. Until the entries have been verified, they will appear in your set as 'pending'. Your PCGS coins will be verified usually within 1 business day and you will receive an email confirmation of approval. Please be aware however that in times of high volume, the verification of PCGS coins could take longer.


Coins entered into Competitive Registry Sets will also be saved to your Collection Manager.

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