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FAQ - What are Custom Sets and how do they differ from Competitive Sets?

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The NGC Registry has two major categories of sets. Competitive sets are sets that NGC defines for the collectors, providing slots for each coin included in the set, and establishing scoring for the coins to be allowed in each slot. This is a great way to collect as it provides a specific goal and it is an easy way to compare collections. However, competitive sets are not the only way to collect. Many collectors assemble their own sets in unique ways. In fact, they may be the only collector ever to assemble a set in exactly that way. So instead of leaving those unique sets out of the Registry concept, we've created Custom Sets.


This area of the Registry allows our collectors to create their own set definitions.


1. They define the theme of the set.

2. They define the slots in the set.

3. They plug their own coins into the set with descriptions and pictures.


Users may include NGC, PCGS and NCS coins in their Custom Sets. Also, users may choose to make their Custom Sets public or keep them private.


Some of the most creative collecting happens in our Custom Sets area. Custom Sets are a personal expression of what each person finds fascinating about collecting. Who knows, our members could be the founders of whole new ways to collect.

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