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monster toned pastel rainbow superb gem proof 3cn

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ngc proof 67 1883 three cent nickel solid for the grade with the usual shallow mirrors and struck

with a leftover business strike

die but from a cursory glance a definate twice struck proof coin!


what makes this coin extraordinary and really rare is the toning!! really for the most part you never ever see

colors like this on a proof three cent nickel let alone a superb gem proof!


sincerely michael


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Very nice Michael - almost a water color! I'm not picking up what you mean by a "twice struck proof coin," other than that this coin is a proof due to the unusually well defined devices that come from being twice struck. Is that right? How can you tell that the coin was struck from a business die?


Thanks again for the post! smile.gif



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hi there old traqder yes the sklab says it is a proof!


hi there hoot well sometimes lots of times these coins come with shallow mirrors and also struck with worn dies like this coin is!

so many mistakke this coin for a rare business strike coin i mean this coin could possibly be a business strike

i do not think so but if a legit business striek it is a 12,000 coin easy ............. but some proofs were only struck once with worn dies old business striek dies and shallow mirrors making it look like a bisuness strike!


that is why the comments about the stirke and the die as the proofs are supposed to be deeply mirrored and

struck twice to bring out all the design elements and then with fresh new dies so the coin in essence is perfect the

greatrest sample of the mintmasters art to showcase a coin!


i mean kind of like if you are a master chef and you make salads so when you make a special salad for a judgement contest you want it essentially perfect to showcase your work your art like thsee coins were supposed to be!


this coin is for me highly unusual and rare because of its essentially toned surfaces that you never see and are overall

perfect i mean absolutely no marks or hairlines at ALL THIS COIN IS TOTALLY UNTOUCHED SINCE THE DAY IT was made i mean the only thing

keeping it from a 69 grade is the shallow mirrors and weak design elements due to a combination of the dies and strike i think mostly because of the worn dies


yes old trader usually these coins especially this date is a drab gery color and downright ugly! this coin is a rare exception


and hoot for me i think the die is a worn die which was already put into service striking business strike coins i mean this definately was not a new die for proofs! this is why i think this


maybe i am wrong maybe but all the signs point to the above now i would love this coin to be a business striek then it is an easy 12000 coin!!



sincerely michael


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