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The Elusive 28 Peace Dollar Is Mine!

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I have been looking for a high grade Peace Dollar to put a bow on this collection and got a call from one of my local dealers this morning. He had told me earlier in the week he would be taking in a Morgan set this week and was putting it aside for me to get first dibs at.


When we spoke this morning, I inquired about the Morgans, only to learn the set did not come in.


"However", he said, "I picked up a few things you might like, and have hidden them with yout name on them"


Among today's missing links:


a very nice Choice AU 28 Peace Dollar


an F-12+ 32-S Quarter


A 1872 F12 Indian


A 1908-S VF-20 Indian


this was a really good day!


editted because I mis-stated a grade

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