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Would you buy a toned Proof?

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Would you buy a proof coin that is beautifully toned and the toning covers the mirrors? Or would you not buy it because it's a proof; if you wanted a toned coin, you'd by it MS, if you wanted a proof, you'd buy it completely clean?




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Pretty toning makes the proof coin more attractive to me. Dark or very heavy toning would make me feel the proof had underlying problems or possible environmental damage.



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I concur with Truth. Attractive toning, the type that seems almost to be in the mirrors themselves, is to me quite appealing. So although I generally prefer proof coins to appear as they did when struck, I have acquired and would continue to buy toned examples.




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I like and own some proof coins that are toned. I look them over very carefully, though, before buying because of worry about the the toning etching the polished surfaces.


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it all depends on the coin but for me


if the coin is toned even deeply but has great mirrors and are really not impeaded by the toning i guess if it has the i guess it is hard for me to put into words and


even with the scans it is still hard


but come visit me and i can show you what i am talking about!


here is a deeply toned half dollar but it has such deep mirrors and the way the toning sits on the coin it doesnot eat into the deep mirrors and makes the mirrors clean clear and unimpeaded also at any angle the mirrors can be seen again as they are deep! for for toning this coin is great and has the """LOOK""""


but again everything needs to be seen in person sight seen to fully appreciate and understand this


sincerely michael



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also with the above seated half the coin would be strongly cameoed if not for the toning and this adds to the visual appeal of this toned coin



now this coin the attatched three cent nickel in proof has almost medium mirrors but this is how many of this date come also this date is usually an ugly grey color with heavy spotting


now this coin the light pastel toning on top of the medium mirrors increases the visual appeal and doesnot have the usual heavy reverse spotting nor the totally grey surfaces


which also enhances this coins visual appeal


and this pastel toning actually enhances the mirrors or should i say enhances the toning?


but i guess i cant put it into words as i have seen this before but this coin needs to be sight seen to apprecaite and understand this!


the scan is all we have here so you are going to have to take my word for it............lol


in person the coin is much more attractive as with the light pastel toning with the slightly medium mirrors makes this coin light up and become alive at any angle and light it is seen in THAT IS WHAT MAKES THIS COIN SO AMAZING


a coin like this three cent nickel proof with extremely strong technical attributes along with this type of toning and eye appeal


is really quite monster rare


sincerely michael



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here is another deeply mirrored proof coin that is red brown in color as the so called red surafces of this coin is not mint red but actually toned this way


the fire engine red is toning! again not mint red and one of the most amazing toned indian head cents i have ever seen


technically this coin is just about perfect


the eye appeal is amazing but again this coin needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated


also this coin looks good in any light at any angle and as with the above two toned coins this same rule applies


that is what separates the great toned coins from the average stuff



i am sure there are many great toned coins the problem is that the coins need to be seen under specific lighting conditions tilted just the right way at the right angles


this does not count......lol


now technical aspects also are very important but not as much as haivng the toned coin look good in any ligyht and at any angle when viewed


the ultimate toned coin would be a superb gem in terms of technical merits and then toned to where the coin looks good


for the most part under any lighting conditions at any angle



if you needs to tilt the coin just at the exact right angle under a strong super strong lighting source as many ebay sellers do........lol then let the buyer beware


sincerely michael



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now many mintstate coins ((as this 1886 seated dime is mintstate)) look as good as proof coins with great toning,


but the mintstate coins has to have monster lustre underneath the toning ((which this 1886 mintstate dime does have)) and/or prooflike surfaces then this can really add to the visual appeal



here is an example of a toned coin that has really great lustre underneath the toning that enhances the toning


unfortunately the scan barely does justice to the coin


toned coins are actually great in business strike and proof


it just depends on the toning lustre and proof like qualities if a mintstate coin the metal and other attributes of the coin especially so the technical qualities if great can enhance the toning


and of course put all these together and you get the most subjective of all




eye appeal is overall the most important attribute of any coin



sincerely michael





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now here is another coin ans again the scan BARELY DOES JUSTICE TO THE COIN


this is one of the finest eye appealling ***mintstate half dimes**** i have ever seen in terms of

eye appeal and


combined with monster technical merits


you cant see this in the scan but this coin has die polish as do many legend obverse halfdimes to polish away all the clashed dies so common with these small thin coins!


and so this specific coin happens to be strongly prooflike due to the die excessive die polish and also strongly cameoed due to the frosted devices and die polish making the fields contrast strongly with the devices


and along with the toning just the right colors

in all the right places

bullseye target toned

and just the right shading


makes this coin just the most incredible toned mintstate half dime i have ever seen




and the tehnnical merits are again superb and i can understand why a collector put this coin away in an album for many many decades


the skin on this coin is incredibly thick with all the telltail signs of long term storage but again with its strongly cameoed and prooflike surfaces makes this smALL coin comes alive


in a case at a show this tiny small coin would jump out at anyone just looking into the case it appears as if the coin has a light inside it shining out that makes the toning come alive


just the way the light hits the coin and this coin looks good in any light at any angle


another key of a great toned coin


and being a pre civil war era silver seated coin uncommon as such


sincerely michael


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also with this half dime the photo doesnot show the 100% full strike of this coin



and with regards to toning on business strike specifically mintstate business strike coins and proof coins


it all depends on the specific coin


i hope you pick all the right ones!!


sincerely michael



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Heck yeah! With the past collector demand on white coins and all the talk from old-timers of how prevalent dipping was, bright white old proof coins do not turn me on like beautiful original toned proofs.


Thank you Michael for sharing so much on this thread which I enjoyed grin.gif


However, I must add I do not like cloudy/milky toning that is so often seen on more modern proofs but its understood as no one I imagine likes that type of proof toning.


OT; I am new here coming over from the p side not the d side and look forward to monitoring more interesting coin discussions here.

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thanks islemangu and you are right about dipped white and modern white proof coins the milkyiness doesnot help them!


now originally milky seated toned proof coins that are not dipped white and have a really think skin on them


this is quite a beautiful thing to prove originality and IF the proof coin has great color and eye appeal then this is a very beautiful rare bird! MONSTA!!


here is a seated dime 1886 different than the above seated dime as this coin is a proof


this coin is medium toned but also deeply mirrored and if you look strongly shall i say strongly cameoed? yes!


but of course will not get cameo as for the toning but no matter!

well this coin not only has the deep mirrors and cameo but this actually helps and accuentes the toning and because of this the mirrors and cameo and even the lighter colors actually helps the eye appeal! also this coin is strongly milky as it is totally original and never played with! i absolutely love this coin and again in person sight seen this coin is much much better!!!!!


now you see all the benson coins which are supposed to be greatly toned and you see them with rings and like white centers not at all milky

well these coins were dipped white and then this toning on them is secondary toning where this 1886 coin is totally original


as such the benson coins are moreso hairlined and wiped and there are many hairlines even under the toning which if looked at carefully you can see but it takes more than a curosary glance to see this!


where this 1886 is graded proof67 and doesnot have one hairline or nick or any distriburance in the fields or on its devices why is this not in a 68 holder?????


the reason why it is not a proof 68 is that the coin is so original and unique and with the strong milkiness the market just doesnot understand this and usually the milkiness is visually unappealling (not so with this coin though a rare exception to the rules))) and so the services get scared and downgrade the coin to a 67........lol a totally hiarline free mark free super eye appealling coin to boot that technically is an easy 68!


i mean which is okie by me as everyone has their subjective stANDARDS and would you rather buy this proof68 coin in a 67 or 68 holder??...........hmmmmmmmmmmm 27_laughing.gif


also the fantastic rainbow toning on the edges seen in the scan are really much better than the scan suggests but again this coin needs to be seen in person


this coin is a totally original milky unmolested seated proof coin EXTREMELY UNCOMMON AS SUCH AND combined with the fantastic deep colors and rainbow rims along with the

deep i mean really deep watery strongly cameoed mirrors actually agAIN enhance this coin the eye appeal is fantastic and this is what it is all about the eye appeal and even with this milky seated proof coin the eye appeal is well extraordinary! and usually this is not seen like this


anyway this coin needs to be explained and sight seen and then it would all come together be that as it may


sincerely michael


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That half dime was unbelievable. I know that you soemtimes post pictures from coins in another collector's collection. I SURELY hope that half dime is in your collection. It is stunning!



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thanks mike king!



thanks for your kind words! all the coins i post


are in what i call an eastern collection from a collector in rochester ny



sincerely michael

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