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@S.L.W :   This looks like something I remember seeing i/f/o the Red Book every year in the 1960's. Pillar dollar. Piece of Eight, something like that. Splendid example!  [So good, in fact, I am tempted to test the mettle of metal fans here by presenting a genuine replica, suitably attired by raiment with four white prongs, sitting back and seeing who takes the bait. Ahhh, perchance to dream!  :roflmao:

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On 12/2/2022 at 5:01 AM, Cozdred said:




1891-S low x.jpg

To quote the late Joan Rivers, "Can we talk?"

What's all this hooey about high and low shields?  Is there no other place on the vast nether regions of this coin upon which a mint mark can be placed without upsetting the sensibilities of the public?

I take it the obverse is out of the question.  (Too bad, had I been the artist I would have placed it directly on the giraffe-like neck of Her Highness.) Barring that, we turn our attention to the collection of synchronized rubble that occupies the entire reverse.

Even the most cursory examination reveals unoccupied space on either side of the crown at the top or between the flourish of curlicues at six different points about the shield.  The two most promising points are the spaces lying directly above the bifurcated date, at 1 8 and 9 1. [No self-respecting Brit would choose to disrupt the sanctity of a date by vulgarly inserting a mint mark between the center digits.]  Worse comes to worse, there is always the ample space available for use between the final 1 in the date and the colon following D E I :

None of these remedial actions require the malarkey of much ado about nothing movement or migration of shields, or any other features.  IMNSHO.


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On 12/2/2022 at 10:54 AM, Quintus Arrius said:


It gives me great pleasure, my Lord, to announce without further ado, I am in complete accord with both your decision as to the placement of the mark and the historical interlude you've taken me on in support of your action.  :)


P.S. -- I really admired you in "Ben Hur". It was a wonderful performance! 

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On 12/17/2022 at 1:48 AM, Coinaholic said:

Here's my most recent World coin acquisition.  I know that colorfully toned coins are a bit of a "hot potato" in the numismatic community, so those of you that don't like them might want to avert your eyes.  I've been wanting to pick up a nice example of one of these for quite some time, and this is one I simply couldn't resist and had to pull the trigger on. Edited to add a picture of the box this coin was stored in that caused the toning (possibly the original Royal Mint box of issue?).


1847 Gothic Crown

1847 Gothic Crown - 2.jpg

Original Crown Box.jpg

Thats an absolutely beautiful coin. 

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