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Ken Done has been quite popular over the years, the previous Reg Mombassa is responsible for the very popular "Mambo" brand, and Rolf Harris.. well.. :)


I missed that one and the price went through the roof (1000 mintage too). Ahh silly me, but I'll get one eventually..

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A satirical Spence token railing against rents and taxes. On the reverse, Brittania watches the liberty cap blowing away.


This is fascinating! I never knew things like this were created. I thought disgruntled folks limited themselves to speeches and pamphlets.

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Please excuse the poor quality of the picture...this is the best of several attempts of my "latest acquisition". For some reason, I just can't get the picture to be smaller when I post it though I have "resized it" on Photobucket. Can anyone help me with this??


This set was issued in 2004 and the coins are Euro Pattern coins. Though difficult to tell, the obverses feature Frederic Chopin (pianist/composer) as the bottom 3 copper coins, Nicolaus Copernicus (astronomy) and the top 3 brass coins. The center 3 coins feature Pope Paul ll. apologies for the poor picture. RI AL




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rial : try a higher resolution when taking pic to start. in photobucket there is a link above the upload section (max image size: 640 x 480 (options) ) if you click options you will be givin a choice of the display size . as u can see mine is set to 640x480 it will take a smaller pic and make it bigger on show.


if you change them i dont see a change unless i delete them and reupload the pics i want in that size.


so choose a size then upload again and those will show bigger. the first smaller pic is clear it just needs to be bigger and posably more PPI



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Received two Ken Done proofs.. these are very small coins so its hard to know how they are going to look.. this one is stunning possibly the best looker of the series. Really surprised me a bit. Am considering slabbing one :)


Also received these 3 dollar proofs, 1992 1993 1994 all coin fair issues with 5000 released, all big price hikes on their release prices. All had for a bargain too :)






And last but certainly not least, from the annual "subscription" series, one I've waited a while to get for a fair price. It is well sought after



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This 1672 Dutch medal apparently does! I struggle with the translation of what appears to be obsolete Dutch.


"White metal, 51 mm, 25.0 gm. Commemorating the murders of Johan and Cornelius De Witt in 1672, this Dutch medal

features the conjoined busts of the brothers facing right and the Latin legend ILLVSTRISSIMI FRATRES

JOHAN ET CORNEL DE WIT (the distinguished brothers Johan and Cornelius De Witt). An eight-line Dutch inscription within an

ornate border fills the reverse. The edge is inscribed NIEMANT GELUCKIG VOOR SYN DOOT anno 1672 den 20 augusti. Johan, a leading statesman in Holland, was unpopular with the general populace due to his pro-French sentiments. He was lured into visiting his brother in prison, but it was an elaborate trap plotted by his political enemies. Once he arrived at the jail, an angry mob murdered him and his brother--their bodies torn to pieces and put on public display."





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In spite of the famous DiWitt brother's noses, (serious honkers those!) that's a gorgeous medal. I wish the designs of today's coins were even HALF as beautiful!!!


Though the 2 unfortunate gentlemen were torn to pieces...I bet those noses are still around somewhere...maybe used as door stops??



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And the $1 pad printed LAND series continues, I got 2 of each of these but might get more later (have 4 each of the ocean series)


Rock Wallaby






There should be 2 coins to go..

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Well, I've finished my 20th century Republic of Somaliland circulating coinage collection; I now own one example of every coin issued by the country (for circulation) for each year. My entire collection is pictured below:


1994 Republic of Somaliland 1 Shilling

KM# 1; Aluminum, 20.5 mm



That's right, the Republic of Somaliland only issued one coin type for circulation during the 20th century. They later went on to release some rather generic commemoratives, but this was basically it for the 20th century. ;)



And of course, since this coin was for my birds on coins collection, here's a little info on the species depicted on the obverse: the Somali Pigeon (Columba oliviae). Western science knows fairly little about the species. According to Birdlife International:


Columba oliviae is a locally common species endemic to north-east Somalia. It has been found from 45°E east to Cap Guardafui and south down the east coast as far as 7°30'N. It is a ground-feeding, rock-dwelling bird of arid, coastal regions, at altitudes of 75–750 m (though once seen at 1,425 m), within 24 km of the coast. It is generally resident but shows seasonal movements locally. It feeds mainly on the ground, on seeds, cultivated grains and berries. Very little is known of its breeding ecology. Apart from its small range, there is no indication that there are any threats to this species, and there is no reason to think that its status has changed in the last 60 years. However, there has been no survey or conservation work carried out in recent years, therefore its status is uncertain.[/Quote]


Sorry, no photos - I haven't been able to locate one on the web as of yet!


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This minor coin from Portugal arrived yesterday. I collect music related coins. It's a challenge to keep up with all the new issues as music seems to be a pretty popular "theme" (pardon the pun) these days. Next, hopefully, is a Singing Festival coin from Latvia that I have a bid on.




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2007 Belarus 1 Rouble

Depicting a Thrush Nightingale - just got here the other day from a seller in Portugal. This is an absolutely beautiful design.


13.16 g; proof–like; diameter: 32 mm; mintage: 5000; composition: Cu-Ni




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