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are you into three cent nickels??

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do you collect them? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif interested in starting a set? flamed.gif or just one for type? 893applaud-thumb.gif


are they the sleeper/undervalued coins to buy right now?


will they have their day cloud9.gifin the numismatic sun so to speak?? flamed.gifflamed.gifflamed.gif


sincerely michael shy.gif


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I'm a type collector, and among all of the 19th century types I find the nickel three cent piece to be the most boring. I really don't like the design, and I don't care for the "feel" of the coins in my hand. They feel cheap.


As for putting together a set, it's MANY times easier to assemble a set in Proof than it is Mint State. Not even the 1865, which is considered to be the toughest date in Proof, is especially hard to do. All it takes is money.


A number dates are pretty tough in Mint State, especially Choice Mint State with bright, lustrous but uncleaned surfaces.


I've learned as a dealer. I had a couple of collectors who had me put together sets for them over a period of a couple of years.

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bill jones thanks great reply what you said about the three cent nicks i have heard many many times 893frustrated.gif


they are not liked even dispised 893naughty-thumb.gif by many mostly dealers so there is no promotion for them at all in faxct since the dealers sell to collectors many collectors just get turned off by the dealers as such!!


but for me this so called ugly duckling will oneday turn into a beautiful swan cloud9.gif then watch out!! 893whatthe.gif


every dog has its day so i've been told lol



sincerely michael shy.gif

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Well, the cool thing about 3CNs is that you can buy some amazing coins at really reasonable prices. However, they've never been popular and I'm not sure they ever will. There are a few things working against them:


1) They do not fall into the copper, silver, or gold category, i.e. they are not a "standard" metal coin


2) They are a wierd denomination


3) They are small coins. Collectors like big coins.


4) They have no good stories attached to them. Supposedly they were minted to be the same as a postage stamp but who knows??


5) They don't come in neato colors like silver coins


OK, I realize these are all gross overgeneralizations, but you get the idea.


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Don't care for them at all. Tough to find with any kind of eye appeal. Usually found with that "urine" yellow hue to them which doesn't exactly get the numismatic juices flowing, if you know what I mean. If you have 'em, and want to get rid of them....good luck. The buyers are few and far between. Dealers don't even want them, unless they HAVE to take 'em, as part of a larger deal.

Obviously, the examples with the better eye appeal will still be popular, but overall the series is a dead duck.

This is one area where I won't agree with your potential "sleeper/undervalued" coin.

These coins aren't popular, and never have been.

There are plenty of varieties for that type of collector. That's probably the only bright note for that series.

I know I've told you the story Michael of the 3cn that I "passed" on at a local show, and am still kicking myself for not buying the coin. It was double sheet, with some super rainbow toning in a pcgs holder. Haven't seen a coin that compares, in the same price range, since. smile.gif

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well guys i just cant see your way of thinking but i can understand how you feel even though you are misguided......lolshy.gif


i think they are extremely undervalued and take a look at the coin i posted it is really sweet


for me since they are not in favor they have potential lots of potential and they are anunusual odd demonation and 19 century i mean they are neat!!


you guys must be smoking something that is effecting your brains tonight......... 27_laughing.gif


and that is okie....lol i guess i can understand but just remember when they got hot and then you start buying them for lots more than they are priced now and you cant find any sweet coins just remember i told you so!


okie lets compromise just buy a few for type buy a nice ms coin and i nice proof coin cameo better yet deep cameo or even better yet pastel toned or that ice blue toning if you can find them!


sincerely michael shy.gif



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