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a neat york?? early commem.......YES!!

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here is another early commem a york currently in an ngc ms67 holder and is a really nice coin for the grade!


this coin i love in this holder as it is certianly not maxed out for the grade


yes yorks for the most part one of the most available early commems in nice technical condition




this coin has just great color and surfaces cloud9.gif


totally original thick skinned surfaces with the most neat just noticeable blush of soft pastel blue/lavender COLORS across the entire coin! with of course these colors much stronger on both the left obverse and reverse sides of this coin

really neat and uncommon as such flamed.gif and maybe not monster but close! 893whatthe.gif and the obverse between 6pm and 12pm has a thin band of fiery sunset colors along the rim to add ot its visual not seen to well on the scan


this coin needs to be sight seen to fully apprecaite it acclaim.gif


also if you notice the icing on the cake so to speak you can see just how CRISP AND CLEAN THIS COIN LOOKS OVERALL 893applaud-thumb.gif


again a really nice ms67 with a crisp clean totally original

skin with great colors and a super overall 893whatthe.gif look


sincerely michael shy.gif


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Great coin. You don`t see many Yorks with nice toning and also very clean. The shield usually has marks on it. Its hard to see the luster but I`m sure it`s there.

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i didnot know that yorks were that unpopular



For me, the York suffers from the same malaise that many other early commems suffer from and that is its dubious genesis. As for the coin itself, I rather like it even though it reminds me somewhat of a club medal.


Your coin, michael, is easy to see that it is 100% original and the thick, near-crunchy patina on it is especially attractive. I think I know exactly what this coin would look like in hand and can say that I would be proud to own it. grin.gif

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hi there momman yes the lustre is there in person but with scans so hatrd to capture what a coin really looks like


and tom i totally agree with you! i think the early commems are just neat coins and lots of history to study from and learn from maybe what things not to do in life.........lol


i guess for me when the new collectors find these classic early commems with lots more history and different looks i think they will be more interested in them than the new commems as i think the new commems just do not hold a candle to the older commems


and a set to put together is fun historical and affordable!!

even a 50 piece type set i think it is 50 piece or there abouts.......lol


or a subset of the boones or the oregons or texas and even the wc and btw!


but you are right it does look like a club medal......lol it is intreging and when it a great state of preservastion with the right look and good color and lustre it really is a neat looking coin


i guess just like cakes you can have all inside good cakes but the putside colorful decorations are going to make the cake or break it so to speak


also the coin from the scan looks like a 68/69 as there are a REALLY really light mark or two under magnification on the shield but the scan does not show this but the coin is a really nice ms67!


with no makrs again likethe acan sohws and easy 68/69 coin


i guess when you see the coin in person it looks so even and crisp and clean and then the pastel powder baby toning that very few yorks have they raely come like this but i have seen one or two others like it but the blue was like ever so evenly slightly over the surface os the coin and if you did not know to look close enough you would miss it!


hard to explain a totally undervalued coin looking like this as usually yorks just do not look this pretty i just csnt explain it it just has THE LOOK


not the usually crappy blast white coin or the ugly toned golden blah yellow brownish golden combo colors!


i guess they are great historical coins but with early commems color is themost importANT ASPECT


as for these white coins are just not good


with the exception of a coin with a think like tom calls crunchy white skin with a light coating of patina i call it thick crusty look an original white coin with a thick crusty skin that is lightly toned and jusat has the look which i cant explain but if you have seen enough of them you know what i am talking about!


of course great color never hurts as these coins juat are greayt and in demand with superb color in fact all way way over sheets ten times! and they are instantly sold to collectors not investors collectors!!!!! great color coins never ever make it to a dealers price list

always has been alwaysw will be!


i do not like early commems with that dipped blast white look for me nothing special and just well common


but you get the picture


i guess the best coins are as per the above but with color and texture a set like this of all the ranges depending on the coin type it is a study into of itself of how certian issues come


if you look at the elgin i pivtured on here that coin is simply amazing for an elgin that is why ngc gave it a star


as elgins are usually just plain ugly same colored grey white or that splotchy lines golden brownish yellow? crappy color i guess i cant explain it


but a good example is to go to the heritagecoin.com site and click on auction archives and sign in


if not registered the membership is free


and do a search on elgins and look at all the coins and you see all the usually same crappy colors and then you can start to get A BETTER IDEA OF HOW EVEN THE highest grade elgins come crappy toning and colors and at best average eye appeal now some photos are not that great but it gives you a generakl idea of such xoins and how they come



sincerely michael shy.gif

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