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How Images Can Change The Price of a Coin! (Warning Large Images)

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As many of us buy off Ebay, Heritage, Teletrade etc. based on images, scans etc. the images are key. Also as a seller you images are key to getting thr bids you want. Especially toners. Well here is a series of pictures from 2 coins just showing how much an image really matters and how a seller can and some WILL tweak thier auction images. Just think of the people buying coins online and how the later images would bring so much more yet not be a full representation of the coin, nor would be the first images. The coins are about in the middle of the images as far as accuracy goes. This did not take much skill to edit the single images to any way I wanted . A bit of color tweaking took the images from 1 to 5. I did these 5 Images so to show you how this coin could look via different sellers auctions. Enjoy and comment away!














On a side note we all know the last images in each set would bring far more then the first images in each set in terms of money. For a sellers standpoint it good, and for the bidders it can be crazy. I would not recommend the juiced images to any sellers, but it doe shappen.

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This thread reminds me of this Franklin half I picked up on Ebay a couple

of months ago. The seller’s image had the saturation cranked up so much

that the white NGC holder looked like a deep blue-grey. I took the seller’s

photo backed off the saturation and lightened it up. I couldn’t go all the way

to white because the coin became completely washed out. I decided that I

liked the look of the coin after I backed off the color and I bought it. When

it arrived it looked a lot like my edited photo, but the luster behind those

colors makes them pop. I like this coin as is, I didn’t see the need for the

parlor tricks.


Seller's pic



Edited pic




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Oh, I know why he did it, but I think the coin has eye appeal without all the shifty

business. I paid around 80 bucks for it I think, I would have paid that for the

second pic too.

I'll see if i can get my own photo of the coin...



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Sure you might have paid 80... but you need an underbidder.... so he figures the chances to be better og higher pics with juice..

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I'm sure you are right, come to think of it I don't think I had that much competition when I was bidding on the coin...


then again, I tried to photograph it myself...

893scratchchin-thumb.gif got some shady looking photos too.

Maybe he just a bad photographer like me confused-smiley-013.gif





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Bruce, I hit the wall buddy - think I can sleep now. I'll talk with you later.




You too! Collect more coins and not numbers! laugh.gif

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