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Sum up a philosophy for a coin company that you would never do business with!

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Do the following...


1) Buy a bunch of new, raw coins

2) Buy a bunch of cheap slabs like these

3) make labels for the slabs marking all coins MS-70 or PF-70

4) get some custom seals made to seal the slabs shut

5) get your brother or someone to sell them on Ebay. Make sure to over-charge for shipping and ensure your return policy states "no refund on shipping" that way you'll turn a profit on every sale!


The next thing you know you'll have 47,364 positive feedback in 12 months... who cares if you have 110 neutral and 122 negative?

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I send you a mailing for a mint state $5 Gold Eagle at my cost. You can buy up to three. When you call, I take your order, but if you don't buy the overpriced stuff, I will not tell you but I will not process the order. Every time you call, I'll apologize, tell you it will go out but not keep my word. boo.gif

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(1)"I don't sell anything for less than a 30% markup over what I paid for it."

(2) "If you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it."

(3) "Don't bother me, I'm too busy talking with my friends to be bothered with a

retail customer."

(4) "If you don't like what I have, it's because you don't know much about coins."


Those are good for openers.

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"What you see is what you get, there's nothing in the back."

"I don't like to screw over kids, but the adults are fair game."


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I think I get it


The key to making money in this business is selling the customer what you have, not what they came in for


As a business owner I can disagree with that statment some. You may not always have just what they are looking for but you can still fill thier needs or wants.


"These are a dime a dozen, I buy them all the time at that price." That statment holds true unless its junk silver which then it becomes more an expression.

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