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a modern coin

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When I was in high school, say ... about 30+ yr ago, my History teacher told us that WWII was not yet history, but still considered 'current events'.


What defines a "modern" coin?



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Can't be worth much, it's not a ms/69, wannabe 70 cameo, super proof, deep cameo designation.


Nice freakin' coin Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's a good question Mike. I personally don't consider Walking Liberty Half’s 'modern' coins, but on the other hand some coins that I do consider modern such as Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, and Washington Quarters were being minted during some of the same years as the Walking Liberty Half’s.


So where do you draw the line between classic and modern? In my mind when coins really changed from classic to modern is 1964 when the last of our coins were minted using a precious metal. At least that’s my personal line in the sand.




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A beautiful WLH, michael. Also, I think there is a very valid question in this thread that I think would make a good thread in itself. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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I personally dont consider walkers as modern, but thats me..


To me, or in my opinion, a modern coin is one that is still being coined or minted!!


Or, the pattern is still being made for circulation.







dont forget! collect proof sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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wow all excellent points! thanks bigd5!!!

bigd5 this walker the eye appeal is much much better in person and the strike is above average and really nice for the grade with a thick original undipped skin


1941 s ngc ms66* star


and exceptional rainbow both sides with great lustre

in person this coin is again much much better also the only ms66 star * coin graded by ngc with no stars higher!


and only 30 star in ms66 in the entire series with 4 of the most common dates in ms66 having more than half the star pop!

john excellent point that 1964 and above are moderns!

thanks tomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

msmhappy yes that is an excellent point any coin currently minted is modern!


for me when i was a kid almost every dealer and collectors considered CLASSIC COINS as the nations first coins and as such classic coins are to me coins pre 1835 and before as most all were struck without a collar that is a classic coin i know that the first coins struck in collars were the capped bust half dimes 1829 and up but even they 1835 and before are classic coins just grouped together as there is always an overlap in eras of coins!


to me modern coins are coins 1950 and after basically


again the exact dates might be blurred


as to coins 1836 to 1949 obsolete coins and the walkers are moderns to me as they have that modern look and are for me still be produced as the silver american eagles!


i guess i could bASICALLY agree with moderns and waht they are from any viewpoint but to me it is A GREAT MISNOMER TO CALL ANY COIN MINTED AFTER 1835 AS CLASSIC


maybe obsolete coinage////////


i guess now times are a changing as many new collectors think coins in the 40's are classics and to me maybe obsolete coinage? but not classics per say with the acepted numismatic lingo i am/was used to when i was younger as even at the turn of the 20 th century

classic coins were pre 1835 coins


but i guess majority rules in this current political climate in this country and i am sure many many more have a much different view of classic than me


i still see many old time dealers and collectors and when they say they got a classic coin to show me i just naturally assume it is a capped bust coin or earlier coin


i guess the hobby is always evolving wihch sometimes is a good thing.........lol


sincerely michael shy.gif



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mike king excellent pointin the early 70's i had a friend who was ten years older than me and he liked ww11 militasry uniforms and in england he could still go in the early 70's and buy tons of basically every type of original world war 2 uniforms as he could but no onewanted them! now thirty years later you never see any like this and many are extremely valuable oh the good old days so i think the same with all even coins i mean coins i could have bought thirty years ago that no one wanted or careed about


are now some of the most popular coins and bring into the thousands of dollars and i could have bought them for 5 to 20 times face.........lol i woulsd have been rich but i guess who knew?? hindsight is 20/20 who knows in thirty years waht will be good if anything/.............lol



sincerely michael shy.gif

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