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Follow the lead picture post.
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I don't know how this happened but I thought I posted this and now I can't see it so either I pressed the wrong button and it dissapeard, or I pressed the wrong button and it got posted somehwere else where I can't find it...or perhpas I got posted somewhere...


oh well.

that pan pack is my favorite. I really want one. I found one I could get my hands on but my budget right now will absolutely not allow it...arrrrrgggghhhh.


But I do have a 1915 that I've shown here before. It's a lower grade Norse that has great eye appeal. I gave it to my partner as a gift and it is the only coin that I keep in my house outside of a safe deposit box. It's in one of those leatherette picture frame type slab holders.

Very hard to photo, and many scuffs on the holders so I am considering sending it for crossover to pcgs and get it photographed there as well.




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oh, and here's another one. I've only got two commems, and there are a few that I'd like to have in my collectiion, though, I can't spread myself so thin as to have a complete set of commems.


Here's my CT. Was in an NGC holder with bad optics, in part because of scuffing and scratches on the holder, so I crossed it to PCGS and have yet to get photos of it. But here's my photo.




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Stunning Norse and awesome CT, Mike. smile.gif


Of course, John is also killing me with his Pan-Pac, which looks eerily like mine. Did you ever see my Pan-Pac, John? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


I guess there are no images I can add to this thread right now. juggle.gif

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