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It seems that you and I have a lot in common. We both love classic commems and Lincolns. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif You wouldn’t happen to like buffalo nickels also would you? grin.gif


Anyway, here’s my Roanoke for your consideration.






Hi John,

Classic Commem's and Lincolns "Rock" and their priced right smile.gif I also like Buff's just can't afford the ones I really want frown.gif That's a "Super" example of a Roanoke you got there!!!!!!!!!!! thumbsup2.gif

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Thanks Lee,


That’s a scan of the coin. I really need to try to get some good digital photos of it, as the color and luster is much nicer in hand.





Even though it's a scan, I can tell it's got super color and lustre smile.gif A nice NIKON Coolpix camera is inexpensive and a great investment. wink.gif This Isabella is my favorite:






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using light from a reveal bulb bouncing off a glass globe next to the holder (you can see the scratches on the holder are illuminated)


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