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On 2/10/2023 at 12:31 PM, JDrakeA said:

I bought this 2022S Silver Eagle (2022 Chicago ANA Release) because NGC added it to the required coins for one of the ASE Registry Sets I have been working to complete for about the last five years. The slot for this coin existed on Wednesday February 8th and I received the coin in the mail on the 9th.  When I went to enter the coins information I found the slot had been removed and a slot for a burnished 2022 from the ANA Chicago show appeared.  Well $200. Dollars later I’m in no hurry to try and fill anymore slots. Just may forget about this all together.


Sorry to hear of your experience on this coin and the registry slot, have you attempted to contact the registry team at NGC and discuss why the set make up was changed?   I certainly would not be happy about that as well, just one of the reasons why I do not collect moderns.

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