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W00t!  Just got this beauty back from grading.  POP of 3 with 1 better - only 11 total graded.  Which is surprising considering how prominent and visible the doubling is.  :bigsmile:  Cert number 4732899-005 since the pictures are too big to load front & back.


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On 6/8/2019 at 8:43 PM, Numismatic, A.A.S. said:


Wowsers Tough Grade Very Nice First of the 20th Century Gold 2.5! Gold of yesterday looks better than the gold coins of today! Better Gold in those days, just my opinion is all! The mustard rich gold tone and color so much better back then like your beauty!

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Just an absoluteTrue clad layer, lamination, Modern 1999 D Jefferson Nickel Error I do believe I found in my own change?





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