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WOW!!!..... WHAT A SUPER DEEP STRIKE FOR ANY "BIG EASY" Minted Morgan!!...I mean they had the Steam Pressure set to 1 Notch Before EXPLODE! LOL!....

JUST LOOK AT HOW DEEP THAT DATE AND THE #1 STAR IS!! THEY ALMOST PUNCHED THAT OBVERSE CLEAN THROUGH THE COIN!!.....You just do not see that strong of a O minted Morgan in 95% of the Coins out there!........NICE MORGAN!......I am not kidding when I say that I have yet to see that Strong of a Strike on a New Orleans Morgan in Years!....And I have NEVER had an O Morgie that has been "Smacked" By A Press Like That Beauty!!.....And that is the Truth!...And I have been at this since I placed my GSA CC Bid form in the mail back in the .....Well you know it was in the early '70's......Man Im Getting OLD  : - (


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On 4/11/2019 at 5:03 PM, Sean Reilly13 said:

...And I have been at this since I placed my GSA CC Bid form in the mail ...

Are you saying that there was a mail bid sale, and that lots were awarded to the highest bidder? I guess I never really thought about it, but I just assumed that they said,"Hey we found some silver dollars. Anybody want to buy some?"

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12 hours ago, BLive1972 said:




   I would hope this is a GOLD football - Looks like a 65/66 with Extreme eye appeal in a 64 holder. Very Nice Coin



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10 minutes ago, Capone1929 said:

Hello All! I picked this up a little while back. Better Date! Proof Or Proof Like?, I'm not 100% sure? Any feedback is welcome? 1949 Franklin Half Natural Roll End Bullseye? Monster Rainbow Toned Proof?






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