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My first ancient I've ever bought "Lucinius I" - Did I do okay?

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Today, I broke down and bought my first ancient. I'm crossing my fingers that I got something real. I like the dealer that I bought it from and I've talked with him numerous times.


The coin is documented as Licinius I, 308-324 AD (AE - copper? bronze?) "follis" with Jupiter on the reverse. It's a Sear 3798 (right attribution?). He thought it noted it as XF, but both of us taking a good look at it seem to feel it's a nice AU. It's about 7/8 inch in diameter. The white spot next to his nose is on the scan and not on the coin. However, there is a little bit of green (corrosion) on the reverse that I felt I can overlook (but I never would on a U.S. coin) due to its age and state of preservation.


What do you think fair value for this coin is (wholesale and retail)?


Since it's my first...please be gentle!




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It looks real to me and I have collected ancients since 1971. These cins used to be worth a lot more than they are now since bronzes from the mid 200s o the mid 300s seems to have appeared in abundance in the last 15 years or so.


In 1985 that coin would easily be a $50 (low) to $100 (high) retail. Now I suspect you can find them for about $20 (low) to $60 (high) retail. Maybe a little less on eBay. It seems that ones a little less nice are on eBay very cheap.


Collecting ancients now is a good time due to the relatively low prices on a lot of stuff. (Some earlier pieces, epscially in high quality grade/style have maintained or increaed in value though).


I hope you paid a fair price and keep collecting, they are a fun field!

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