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Some recent pickups

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Well, the last few days have been pretty good! First, here is a coin I picked up at our last coin club meeting, which completes my set of business strike 2-cent coins (finding a descent small motto 1864 is tough when the motto is usually the first thing worn smooth!). I tried to get it in enough light to see the motto, and although I don't have a photo of a large motto to compare it with, you can see that the letters are short and fat, while the LM letters are tall and skinny.




Next I got a nice silver round from the meeting for only $10, and it had such a nice liberty seated design I couldn't resist. Next to it is a 2000 Libertad which fills another hole in my set (when all is said and done, I need only a 2003 to complete the set now).




Next are the two key dates for the Libertad series that I received yesterday in the mail. The 1998 is the absolute key date as the mintage is only 67,000. The other key date is the 1987, and in this case I bought the 1987 doubled die variety, which you can see better in the close up photo, where there are two dots in the ".999" the numbers are also clearly doubled but harder to see here.




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Nice. Very Nice.


I can clearly see the doubling in the 87 LIbertad.


The small motto 64's are always a pricey find.


They have device characteristics in common with the 1863 patterns.


See my totally dud thread on this topic by clicking here.

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The Libertad set is turning out to be a bit of a challenge to complete. I ordered a 2003 with a group of 5 other coins to complete the set, but the company was out of stock. Now it seems like everyone and their brother is bidding up prices of the 03 on eBay! Still it's a nice set, with a little bit of everything! They started out with lower diameter coins with lettered edges, then changed to reeded edges in 1990, then went to 40 mm diameter in 1996 with a radical change in obverse design, but similar reverse design, then they changed the reverse in 2000. So all told that is 4 distinct types plus a DD in a span of 24 years!


Jazzy, excellent thread link!

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