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Dumb Question

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coins that are close in value to bullion hence they are more affected as such like generic saints and circ common date type three libs will also go up 10% if not more due to gold fever


usually it does help the coin market as dealers can make more money on bullion relaTED ITEMS and the public coming in for new or re-interest reawakening in buying usa federal coinage ........so it might help coins go up some zero others 10% and others even more depending on many market wise unusual circumstances


but in general with the generic gold if gold goes up 10% usually generic gold goes with it


also welcome to the boards

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It isn't a dumb question. In general the answer is usually "no".


For something really cheap, the answer could be "yes", if it's a case where most of the value is bullion. If a 1964 Kennedy is worth $3.00 melt, even in MS-64, it's only worth $3.00, because there are literally millions upon millions of them. So silver falling 30% would indeed knock down the value of the MS-64 by 30%.


But usually, a high-grade coin has premium value associate with it, and bullion value doesn't really factor in. A 1954 Franklin, just 10 years older than the Kennedy, might be worth $3.00 in VF and $20 bucks in MS-64. If silver falls by 30%, the VF coin will only be worth $2.00, but the MS-64 would still be worth $20.



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