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Raw coins on Ebay, there are some good deals and nice coins...so post your tips

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I tend to see a lot of threads across all the mainstream coin forums bashing Ebay, the crooked sellers, the misrepresented items, scams, items not received and frankly........I can't blame any of you as we certainly know the Ebay is a breeding ground for the internet criminal element and folks overseas and they use it to make a quick buck 893naughty-thumb.gif


We always talk about knowledge being power and sticking with coin series you know, looking for good feedback, identifying quality sellers and sticking with them, if the deal looks to good to be true....it is etc etc etc. So now that we can agree on the fact that there are some real horror stories out there.....let's talk a little about the good sellers and the accurately graded problem free coins that can also be found on the old Bay of E.


We know they're out there......probably a good idea to post the names here for some of the newer board members to learn from.....if we can save some of the less experienced collectors some dough during the learning process then we gain bench strength on the boards thumbsup2.gif


I just received a few Raw coins that I purchased off Ebay and you could say I took a double chance since the coins were both raw and Toned :Q. I got a fair deal on both coins, the pictures and descriptions were both accurate, and the seller shipped the coins promptly.......so good things can happen if you use some simple precautions. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


What are your tips, tactics and safety secrets for a positive Ebay experience? I am not asking you to post snipping 101 rules etc....just some basic lessons learned etc?


Here are a few images of the coins I purchased......please feel free to post raw coins that you purchased on Ebay that were as advertised or better 893applaud-thumb.gif






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I have been very satisfied with CollectorUSA run by Dale Williams of the Williams Gallery. Dale is a former grader for PCGS and stands behind the raw coins that he sells. His starting bid prices are near FMV but if you are looking for a coin to fill a need and don't want to be stuck with an inferior product, I recommend checking out his auctions. I have purchased dozens of coins from him over the years and never been disappointed. I highly recommend him! 893applaud-thumb.gifthumbsup2.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gif

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