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My ode to Michael

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The most honest and informative poster the NGC and PCGS forums have ever known. His stream of consciousness posts are unique to both forums, and remind me of Faulkner.


He's the most interesting poster either forum has had the pleasure to entertain. Consistent, knowedgable, and uniquely his own, Michael is the coolest poster of both forums.

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Here's my ode to michael:



he lives in a pretty coin town

(with up so floating cloud nines)

spring summer autumn winter

he sings his MSses and dances the frost


You and I (both little and small)

listened for cartwheels and all

sowing some questions, and reaping -

sun moon stars rain


it was a dollar I guess (but only one

of a kind of some dollars) for trade

autumn winter spring summer

and the post came on time


how many jewels do you figure that

dragon’s got coffined up?


sun moon stars rain cloud9.gif

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thanks paul thumbsup2.gif you are most kind thumbsup2.gif


and you are an extremely advanced numismatist with regards to coin photography hail.gif and also indian cents hail.gif


i am starting to start threads/post more over here and no more on the other boards excpet just to check my messages and an occasional tome for sale





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have seen that coin in hand!!!! It is a killer!!!!


Yeah but is it AT or NT? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


Would NGC or PGCS slab it?? 893crossfingers-thumb.gif


Are we going to find out it was sold on Ebay not too long ago??? 893whatthe.gif




By the way Michael, you da man, you da coinman. thumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gif

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thnaks for all the great repsonses this is

why i have decided two weeks ago in balty

not to post over at the pcgs boards anymore

and i will just post here cloud9.gif


well i think myself that basho was right whomever basho is 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


he sounds like a japanses sage of long ago and me thinks that basho had a different meaning to this saying of his


see my defination or translation flamed.gif or transliteration insane.gif of this saying as per the below thumbsup2.gif




basho will learn the rules then OUT

all the hairless rats 893naughty-thumb.gif ie. (rat finks) devil.gif and

their minions,stooges, snitches gossip.gif

however you call them


as they are legally breaking all the

rules and screwing peeps in the process flowerred.gif

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man i do not even know who this basho dude is but he sounds cool to me with this fantastic saying your posted arch


if you kindly give me his e mail or mailing address or phone number as i would, like to contact him and asks him some questions


on the meaning of life and also other things

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oh wow well i was sort of close with the japanese connection but i see he lived long ago


and wrote hakiu




let me write a coin hakiu


coin in ms/pf 70


will cost you much


and in the end


you will lose your rear end

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"Tis all true! I've known Michael for over three years and have literally spoken to him on the phone for hundreds of hours. I reckon that 49% of that time was quality time speaking of numismatics and the remaining 51% was of him speaking of bowells and other bodily functions. 893whatthe.gif


Mike, you are a true friend and have always been stand up. You have my respect and friendship, pard. thumbsup2.gif

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thanks victor you are a good man and it was easy for me as you have done many things for me over and above the call of duty cloud9.gif


and yes i do have quite an active bodily system but it is always released safely flowerred.gif

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Here's my lasting impression of Michael.


The first few times I read a Michael post on the PCGS forum I had to take a step back. As an English major it was very strange to read a coin forum post in the same stream of consciousness style as William Faulkner and in the same non-capital poetic format as EE Cummings. Keep in mind, these are my two idols of American literature. I was suspicious he was imitating them. Exactly why he would do it in a coin forum, where no one would care or notice, interested me.


After a while I realized Michael didn't have a clue about Faulkner or Cummings. This is just the way he posted wink.gif

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I could not agree more with the posts in this thread. Michael is both a mentor and a friend to me, and I value both his frendship and his willingness to share his knowlege with me in our conversations and with all of us all on these forums...>Mike

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Michael and I go way back, and I believe are coin philosophies are as similar as our writing styles are different. wink.gif


Michael. thumbsup2.gif

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