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amazing show report and TOTALLY TRUE about the speciality coin market

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from dickosborn.com

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 21:19:27 -0600


from an e mail i received


I returned last Sunday from the Baltimore coin show. Any thought that


market is slowing down was completely blown away at that show.



I had


biggest single coin show I've ever had. A little bit of everything was

selling, but the hottest series was bust halves. The auctions also

confirmed the continuation of the bull market. An 1874-CC dime in PCGS


which lists in the Coin Values retail guide at $2500, sold for just


$12,000. With the more common coins eye appeal continued to be the




Colorful and/or flashy bust halves, common dates in MS64 and MS65, were

selling at 200-300% of their Gray Sheet values. Coins with more normal


appeal were selling at over sheet, but nothing like the eye appealing

pieces. I guess the slow-down that I'd been looking for just isn't

going to

happen for a while. The market seems to be eating up everything rare


shows up on the auction block and just continuing to move up strongly.








now for me not only bust halves but any cool pre 1915


collector coins that are circ and just plain nice for the grades wsith great eye APPEAL and these coins for me are scarce coins are doing well thank you most kindly

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even nice unc coins that are again great eye appealling for the grades even if they are called common coins THEY ARE NOT


the key with anything in this market is EYE APPEAL

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I'm a careful shopper, but I'll pay a premium for pieces that I want.


This is an interesting time in US numismatic history.


In the next generation only the wealthy will be able to acquire the coins that even a man of modest means like me can collect today.

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Try to avoid coins with "buts". It would be a good coin "but" for this or that. There are exceptions, of course, considering the date, scarcity, issue and overall appeal BUT, if they look below average to you, the buyer, then they will still lack appeal when it is time to sell.


The coins with the best potential are always the coins with the greatest appeal.

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