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Coin Show Report - White Plains, NY

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I went to the three-day, four-times-a-year, show in White Plains, NY today. This show usually features at least 100 dealers (although about a third of them are stamp dealers). Those of you who remember my previous reports on this show may recall that I've often said that this show just doesn't have the "buzz" of Parsippany. Well, today the show had some "buzz" - the floor traffic was the heaviest I've seen and it seemed like a lot of business was getting done.


I chatted with Jon Lerner, who confirmed that the new ANACS slabs can, indeed, be broken open with one's bare hands. I mentioned this to him when I first saw him this morning, and later, when he sold two AU-58 Morgans to a customer who said he was going to crack them out and put them in his album, he asked if he could make the attempt. He did break them open with his bare hands and said that the plastic was suffiently brittle that it broke into too many pieces to put back together.


Like at Baltimore, I saw a lot (relatively speaking, of course) of C- and D-mint half eagles (all slabbed). Many of them were at Don Hosier's table. He's the East Coast rep of the Goldberg's, so some of those coins may have gone unloved and unwanted at a recent Goldberg auction. By contrast, I saw very few New Orleans gold coins.


There was, on the whole, not a lot of fresh material at dealer's tables. (Understandable, only a week after Baltimore.)


The general public seemed to be out in force, though. I overheard this from two people today: She asked: "Why do you call them Philly and Denver quarters? Aren't they all 'Nevada' quarters? He said: "There are two mints. They minted each of the state quarters at both of the mints." Oh well, at least they spent $25 buying two rolls (one P and one D) of Nevada quarters from a dealer. I overheard another dealer urging a customer to "load up on gold - it's going to go through the roof!" There was a lot of bullion-type gold available and I saw at least two people shopping for double eagles.


On the other hand, I saw several people selling junk silver to dealers: I understand dealers were paying as much as 7.3x for 90% silver and $25/roll for 40% Kennedies. (I'll have to dig mine out of the back of my file cabinet!)


I didn't see much that appealed to me today, but I did pick up a nice raw VF+ 1925-D Merc for my Dansco set.

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great informative report thumbsup2.gif


pleSE KEEP them coming thumbsup2.gif


now let me ask you this young man


what was one of the best coins you saw on the bourse?? that you really REALLY liked????893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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Unfortunately, I really didn't see much that I liked (even among the things that were priced above my budget), except a nice, dark PCGS-40 Draped Bust dollar (I don't recall the date).

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