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man oh man i just saw three monsters at this coin dealers site..MONSTER

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1879 gold dollar pcgs ms65 killer lustre and toning from an improper alloy mixture rare rare RARE


This issue saw a very low mintage of only 3000 pieces, compared to that of the "common" 1862, for which the figure was in excess of 1 million. This little "beaut" easily distinguishes itself from most others of this type with its splendid color - orange and powder-blue on the obverse and orange and mint-green on the reverse. Very unusual and very beautiful, as such!







A gorgeous, fully brilliant cameo with thick frosted devices and liquidy black fields. The epitome of what one would hope to find in a Proof Seated Dime. 1885 ultra cameo


another one



One of two to receive this grade and designation from PCGS with none higher. A black and white monster with as much obverse contrast as you could ever dare hope to find. And, the reverse isn't exactly "chopped liver" either! To describe this coin as stunning would not even begin to do it justice. 1910 deep cameo quarter MONSTER


here is a photo of the barber quarter 893whatthe.gif


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oh my

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Ohhh my

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Those are some EXTREMELY beautiful coins! cloud9.gifcloud9.gifcloud9.gif

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From the initial post I thought the descriptions were exagerated hype and hyperbole for some average coins from a shady seller. When I checked the link, was I wrong. The actual coins are spectacular! yay.gifyay.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gif Wow!!!

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Great coins but the photos are aweful! They are so washed out how in the world can anyone accurately judge the coins themselves??

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