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i totally agree with this and with my addendum in CAPS at the end

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Gold Rarities e-Newsletter Market Update




Whether buying generic coins of all denominations or major rarities Gold Rarities Gallery has you covered. We guarantee we will work closer with you than anyone in the business. If you are looking to buy great looking coins at very fair prices, please give us a call.


NO REASONABLE OFFER IS EVER REFUSED ON ANY COIN WE LIST, SO DON"T HESITATE TO GIVE US A CALL AT 1-800-224-3160. or visit our website at www.GoldRarities.com



Market Update


The Baltimore show was a raging success with both bourse and auction activity very strong. Early gold and proof gold (nice original coins) are becoming increasingly difficult to find, so difficult in fact that we urge anyone who may be fixated on these two areas to broaden your horizons. Proof Barber coins as well as proof Seated liberty coins are two areas that are still fairly priced. While we will continue to buy any Early Gold and Proof gold we can here are some areas to pay attention to and a few to be careful with.


As always, please free to contact us with any questions at 1-800-224-3160. Many of our new purchases go directly to our want list subscribers, click here --- and fill out a WANT LIST form and move to the front of the line. As soon as something on your list becomes available


Areas that deserve your attention-



Proof Seated Liberty material



Proof Barber 25C and 50C



1.00 gold proofs

- There are many rare dates in here but because of the size of the coin they have languished price wise. We believe that is about to change as many big players are now seeking out series where prices have not risen substantially.



2.50 Lib gold proofs

- BUY-Another series that offers great value at current levels, although there has been more interest of late there are still some really nice coins available.



3.00 Gold Proofs

- BUY-We think the proof 3.00 gold offer better value and more consistent pricing. It seem that some of the prices on the really scarce mint state dates is getting a little too much like the wild west.



5.00 Lib gold proofs

- BUY-Market supply is thin but we are buying anything decent that pops up, problem is that it's just not enough of it around.



10.00 Lib gold proofs

-BUY thin pickings in this area as well. I had the pleasure of buying an 1899 10.00 Lib in Proof 67, it lasted about 20 minutes.



20.00 Lib gold proofs

- BUY-But carefully I have always been a buyer of these especially scarce dates, what amazes me is the absolute lack of supply of these right now. Prices on the 20.00 proofs have shot up but you won't find a more beautiful coin. Proof Gold Note:


In general terms the brilliant liberty head gold proofs are far more popular than the Indian head style which is struck in matte proof. Be very careful buying matte proof (Indian head and St Gaudens) gold, while we on occasion buy a coin if it is amazing it really is more of a specialized area for those with acquired taste.



St Gaudens

-BUY- BUT CAREFULLY- Demand for key dates is steady, especially for key dates in lower grades. We are finding pent up demand for any and all scarce dates St's under the $125,000 price range, coins above that are sitting around a little longer that usual.



Morgan Dollars

- BUY -As always these are among the top of the charts as far as demand. Big demand in dates where the spread is large between grades. Carson City and New Orleans.



Walking Liberty Half Dollars

-BUY Whenever we get a handful of these they don't last long, popular area with very strong demand.



3.00 Gold

-WATCH CAREFULLY- We did a newsletter on these in 2000 touting how great these were. Now that the rest of the market has caught on prices are soaring. If you have them congrats. If you are building a set shop carefully. The low mintage proof coins and proof only issues are a better buy now than many mint state coins. As we mentioned earlier, some of the pricing on the mint state coins is getting like the old west. Unfortunately there are some out there that are gouging customers who don't know any better. One of our customers was offered an 1889 3.00 in MS-66, touted by the salesman as a great deal at $58,000. This coin could be bought by any retail customer for about 35,000-40,000 allowing for the most liberal mark up.



5.00 Indians

- BUY- BUT CHECK PRICES BEFORE DOING SO!!!!! There is a fairly major accumulation of these going on by a few very large telemarketers. If these coins are bought at or near current wholesale levels as listed below we believe you will be in pretty good shape as this promo takes hold. Buying these coins from salesman at the big telemarketing firms is probably not a good idea since you end up paying for their huge overhead.



10.00 Indians

-BUY These have been long abandoned and are finding new life as buyers look for alternatives to areas that have seen prices rise dramatically. Key dates in the lower grade ranges are where the big demand is, coins under $20,000 with the exceptions being the 1920-S, 30-S and the occasional amazing coin that pops up.



as PER THE Abpove the best i have read


i totally agree but with regards to three dollar gold coins

i would rahter have sexy dates scarcer dates and low mintage dates and civil war dates that are choice xf to slider au much better value then common darte ms 62 and above threes



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