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Just plucked this off an auction on eBay - gee, maybe I'll have to re-evaluate my opinion about Accugrade, I mean if all those nicks are really nibs.....:




NICE LOOKING DOLLAR......FINEST GRADED....... GOOD LUCK!!! AND PLEASE VISIT OUR OTHER AUCTIONS .......................... For the lowest prices on NGC and ACG graded coins look no further than AH COLLECTIBLES **********ACG COINS OFFER A COMPARABLE GRADE TO PCGS & NGC COINS AT A MUCH BETTER PRICE **********ACCUGRADE, INC has never had a major complaint filed against them in 19 years in business. **************We are a Platinum Powerseller...................On ACG holders, what may look like nicks on the rim of the coin are in reality "nibs" that keep the coin from rotating. ***

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Um, um how do I say this? Ok I guess I'll just blurt it out. The seller you bought from AH COLLECTIBLES, is owned by Alan Hager. The same person who owns ACG. I would have a problem with any person who owns both a grading company and a company that sell the coins that was graded by his company. There is a chance of conflict of intrest. To be fair to ACG, I have the same issuse with David Hall, DAVID HALL RARE COINS, and PCGS. The only diffrence is David Hall is upfront about it. Here is a link that might explain it better than I can. CHRIS




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I have tested ACG.

What I did was over grade my coins by to grades and put the on the form.

When I got the coins back they were all a grade or two lower them what I wrote.

So on grading they seemed to be almost in line with the other two co's

However they did grade an easly spotted cleaned coin with no mention of cleaning.

And I did not send any coin that would grade over MS65, I would not let them touching anything higher.

This test was done with Lincoln Cents only.


I will not use their service again. I still have more then half of the 15 coins I send and sold the others with a real loss.



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