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Standing Liberty

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Don't forget about Steve Sabitino of SLQ Coins. Great guy and good to work with. He's very knowledgeable. He has quite a few AU 55-58 FH's in inventory, plus quite a few MS mid range coins in stock as well.


David Lawrence does also have a nice selection.


Check these companies out, you won't be disappointed.


Yes, I also agree, that Jay Cline's book (s) on SLQ's is the bible. I have heard that there is another book on SLQ's that new to the market, but can't remember whose it is.


These quarters are my all time favorite. Good luck with your set.

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Here's a link to an article I wrote regarding the "full head" designation. You're welcome to glance at it.


If this is a series you are just diving into, and you intend to pursue mint-state coins, I believe your most critical decision needs to be whether or not you intend to pursue so-called "full head" coins, and if you do, then decide whether or not you intend to pursue REAL "full head" coins, or what grading companies loosely define as "full head" coins.


Personally, I collect them in AU with thick, original patina and mounds of luster, and am completely pleased with my set.



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Thank you for providing your article on FS Liberty Standing Quarters. Very interesting read.


I have put together a couple of sets of these beautiful coins and have only one set registered ( the better coins ) and am pleased with my AU/FH set as well - which is raw - in a Dansco album.


Finding a FS SLQ is almost an impossibility, and have only a few that fall into that category. Although most of my collection falls into the FH category, I'm constantly on the look out for a better struck coin.


One coin in my collection ( hopefully, I'll be able to attach its image to this post ) is the best struck 1928-D I have ever seen, regardless of grade. Its in a PCGS 66FH holder, and qualifies for a FS designation.


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Also thanks to James for that article on Standing Liberties.

It appears that most of the advise so far is to study first and then proceed to buy.

However, in the mean time you may want to try some of these ideas. I always give this advise but seldom anyone trys it. Go to all garage/yard sales and estate sales. Not estate auctions. Just the ones from someone that is dumping lots of a relatives junk. When there ASK if there are any old jars, cans, boxes of coins laying around that they want to get rid of. You have to ASK. Most people do not think of putting them out for sale of are afraid they will walk off. You may be surprized at what is sitting there waiting to go to a bank for face value. If they say yes, offer to count them out right in front of them and offer a little more than face value. Don't act as if you hit a gold mine. I've found coins worth thousands that way.

Another thing is to visit any coin shows and flea markets you can. You may find some of the coins your looking for at a much cheaper price than on the internet expecially ebay.

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