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U.S. Proof sets

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Im new to coin collecting and unfortunately there are no coin dealers close to my area. What little bit im learning is from books and internet sites (like this one). I was wondering if anyone knew of any internet sites where you could purchase U.S. Proof sets and other U.S. coins without having to worry about way overpaying or buying junk? The closest coin dealer i found is about 60 miles away I purchased 2 morgans but the more I look at the coins the more I realize I didnt make a smart purchase. Not sure what to do now or where to begin looking? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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www.usmint.gov sells US proof coins and bulk nickels, quarters, dollars and halves. They also sell unique collectables like Official First Day Coin Covers and Coin and Chronicles sets. Just about the cheapest you'll find anywhere. www.ebay.com is also always good.
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Unfortunately, you can only get the current-year sets from the Mint, but it is far cheaper than you will find most anywhere. You can even set up a subscription program with the Mint and they will send them to you automatically as they are released.


Or, you can set up a search on eBay for U.S. Proof Sets and you will get page upon page of them to choose from. Place some of the auctions on your Watch List and you can sometimes find particular sellers that may afford you the chance to get lucky and snatch some for below retail.


If you don't want to invest that much effort, then your only recourse is to buy them at retail. You can get most every numismatic periodical at your local Barnes & Noble where there is page after page of ads. If you want, you can also check out American Precious Metals Exchange at www.apmex.com but, by all means, do a little comparison shopping and make sure that shipping and return policies are clearly stated.


Collectively, the members here have a ton of knowledge about many of the dealers you might find advertising in the mags, so, if you have any questions or doubts, don't hesitate to ask. Everyone is always willing to help.



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Even if you buy coins directly from the Mint, there's no guarantee that you won't get "junk", judging from the volume of complaints I've read from those who've purchased directly. You have to become an informed consumer!


I highly, highly recommend you start by reading Scott Travers' "Coin Collectors Survival Manual" (the fifth edition just came out). His book tells you how to go about being a smart collector: how to buy, how to sell, all about the grading services, the numismatic periodicals, price guides, etc.


Also, get a copy of the Red Book (A Guide Book of United States Coins), which also has a bibliography of specialized books (in each section) for further reading.


Finally, shop for books and supplies at Brooklyn Gallery for discounted prices and fast shipping.

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usually 99.99% of the time and i guess there are exceptions to the rules




only way you are going to get a good deal and get really great above average coins


is if you know and understand what you RE LOOKING AT and you only buy sight seen in hand


in other words you gots to look at the coins first with your eyes and have the understanding and experience to know what you are looking at


then you can ask the seller for the price andf you can either pass or play



if you do anything other than the above this is okie


just let the buyer beware


good luck and keep coming to the boards it is a fun plance and a good learning tool and many friendly coin collectyord on here and some hucksters also


such is life in the fast lane of the coin game

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i think you got to save up and do some bi monthly travelling to shows or get someone in mail order that has a no questions money back guarantee that will honor their word


just no easy answers


tiral and error and if you lose any $$$$ consider it a coin education and remember education is not free


good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are going to needs it

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I was wondering if anyone knew of any internet sites where you could purchase U.S. Proof sets and other U.S. coins without having to worry about way overpaying or buying junk?



Most proof sets are "no brainers" since they are pretty much standard unless they have turned bad through improper storage. With this in mind, get a copy of a recent Coin World or Numismatic News and look for the best price. Even the dealers that I would never even consider buying a raw coin from I'd feel comfortable buying modern commem or proof sets from. So, with this in mind, Ken Pine's Coast to Coast coins would be an acceptable retailer.


Proof sets from the '30's, '40's and '50's are another matter. Most are hazy with little eye-appeal.


I would never buy a raw coin from most of these advertisers because 90% of the time you will be sorely disappointed. Most of these dealers peddle junk coins to the unsuspecting.


If you are looking for quality coins then check out www.markfeldcoins.com, pinnaclerarities.com or even Wayne Herndon.

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