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Please list your knowlege of auction terminology

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blast white = the coin's been dipped and hasn't had a chance to yellow yet.

dusky grey = the coin looks like dirt

although... = although this is a [embarrassing lack of self control] coin, if you read this tortuous rendition, which says absolutely nothing and read it really hard trying to follow logic that is not really there, you might begin to believe it's worth bidding on.


foamy green = the coin looks like someone puked on it, but if they think of it as 'foamy', they'll think of the ocean in the Carribean and might be stupid enough to buy it.


We've seen thousands of blah blah blahs, but never one as pristine as this = they fall for that all the time...


This would satisfy the most finicky ... = maybe they won't notice the spot if we can make them think it's really not there and price tag is high enough.


This will surely find a home in a fine cabinet = yeah...you feel illustrious getting into the bidding fury because you want a 'fine' cabinet, so when you invite the Governor over for dinner, you'll have something to show him, then you actually get it, look at it long enough, realize you're never going to entertain royalty, you don't smoke cigars so there's no humidor on the end table, and that's just where the coin ends up... in your cabinet.


...for even the finest registry set.... = we're counting on you not knowing what the hell your doing and have full faith that we're giving you something no one else will have ... and hopefully won't notice that blaring stain we're trying so hard to make you not see...just dish out the money and buy the damned thing...


silky smooth surfaces = slightly dull because of prolonged emersion in urea


fully brilliant (and the coin starts at $5,000.00) = maybe they won't notice the tiny nicks and not realize that they can have an even more 'brilliant' one, a grade less and for less than half the money for this overgraded piece of [embarrassing lack of self control].


a typical strike for the issue = lousy strike but maybe they won't look any further, buy this one and not feel like they're settling for less.


high relief 1921 peace dollar = must have a lousier strike than the usual lousy strike so let's point out it's a high relief and maybe they won't look for something better and get this one off our hands...


fully struck = yes, you can see all the devices



just some observations of mine....

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All this time I thought..............


High Relief meant some jerk seller put a pie-in-the-sky opening bid on a listing and one sucker took the bait.


Let's not forget.................


I'm not a grader so look at the scans very carefully before bidding = even though they may be drastically underexposed there is still no return policy.



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Teletrade Auctions.....

Rainbow Toned = Um maybe a bit of toning... hehe On some coins that is...



If you hadn't said Teletrade,I would have thought that you were talking about some of my coins! blush.gif








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Original Mint Set Toning= It's either vomit or toning. Really your guess is as good as ours.


Light fingerprint= Were pretty sure big foot made it.

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