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Lakeland Show Report and Newps......

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Well I am back from the Lakeland show and all I can say is I had a great time!!! I can't say that the show was very spectacular especially not from a toned coin collectors standpoint but I was able to meet up with Jim (Lablover) and we roamed the floor together. Jim is a real fun guy and we have similar tastes that include rainbow toners laugh.gif The show had moderate traffic and most of the dealers complained that they weren't having a good show but there were a few exceptions including the guy I bought my coins from who had some really great coins with very reasonable prices. Jim bought a few raw IHC's from him but we were both admiring all of the pretty Large Cents and Half cents he had from the recent Rivers auction. cloud9.gif


After a few hours and a few more purchases by Jim (I'll let him share his pickups) we grabbed some lunch and waited for AndrewU to show up. He was late and showed up wearing a Florida Gators cap.....not a good combination but once he pulkled out his toned coins....all was forgiven. I hadn't talked to Andrew before so it was a real pleasure to talk coins and learn of his past employment with Heritage etc. Looking through his toned coins was like popping Acid.......what a color trip man!!!! acclaim.gif


Jim and I tussled over who would buy which quarters and I let Jim have his way with the Roosies....lol Andrew might not post a lot but make no mistake....this guy is a serious collectors and has he has a great eye for coins 893applaud-thumb.gif



After the show and tell session I ran back into the show to pick up a shotgun roll of BU 1962-D Roosevelt dimes hoping to get lucky and get some color since one end of the roll had a cardboard plug. After searching through them at home I found out I struck out but the coins are in amazing condition and I would say that at least have the roll is 65+ so I might try to dig out the best 2 or 3 and send them off for grading. :ThumbsUp;


At around 3PM Jim and I decided to take off since we had to drive back to Orlando......ran into a major traffic jam that turned it into a 2 hour drive....ouch.


So here are my newps:


I have never owned a net graded coin until today and never thought I would......net graded = problem coin and most of us spend a lot of time trying to avoid coins like this.....but once I saw it in the dealer case......I just couldn't stop looking at it. The coin is white which is not what I collect but there was just a ton of detail on this Classic coin and the problem wasn't all that noticable unless you go looking for it so I decided what the heck!!! Now if someone could just give me a little info about what an Overton 112 is that would be real cool....looks like something is going on with the 2 in the date.





Second coin is raw and fit the bill as far as original color and I also needed a seated dime for my toned type set so hopefully I can get this holdered by NGC. It has an old small staple scratch on the lower obverse that is toned over now so I might have a shot......but if not...I still like the coin raw.



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