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SOLD! I no longer own a Franklin set....

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I put together a blast-white Franklin set some years ago, and had recently decided to sell it. It was housed in a vintage Library of Coins album. My asking price was $1000, I showed it to anyone who expressed interest at the show, and it wowed a lot of them. Nobody bought it there, but one person was very interested, and promised to get back to me. Well, he did, just a short time ago letting me know he wants it. I wouldn't go down on the price, but I think he knows it's a great set for $1000, as these coins were are all hand-selected, with a ton of eye-appeal, and no sliders, as one typically finds in so-called UNC sets sold by major dealers. My 1949, 1952-S and 1953-S, the ones that usually are sliders, were truly MS-63 or better coins. Practically none of them were cracked out of slabs. I spent a lot of time poring through dealers' books of coins to pick these up!


I guess the thing is, once I completed the set, it was like "OK, it's done, now what?". Ho hum.... smile.gif


The list is below, and I'm certain my grades are conservative. See if you think my price was fair. At these grades, Trends was about $1800.


Sorry - no images... you'll have to take my word for it that this was a stellar set.


1948 MS-64

1948-D MS-63

1949 MS-63

1949-D MS-63 FBL

1949-S MS-65

1950 MS-64 FBL

1950-D MS-63

1951 MS-63

1951-D MS-64 FBL

1951-S MS-64

1952 MS-63

1952-D MS-65 FBL

1952-S MS-64

1953 MS-63

1953-D MS-63

1953-S MS-64

1954 MS-63

1954-D MS-64 FBL

1954-S MS-64

1955 MS-64

1956 MS-64

1957 MS-64

1957-D MS-64 FBL

1958 MS-64

1958-D MS-64

1959 MS-63

1959-D MS-64 FBL

1960 MS-64

1960-D MS-64

1961 MS-63

1961-D MS-64

1962 MS-63

1962-D MS-64

1963 MS-63

1963-D MS-63



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((( So long did it take for you to put it together? And how much did you have in it? )))


I would say I had $400 plus 400 hours. I made some $600 profit, so if you look at how much I earned per hour, it comes out to about $1.50 893whatthe.gif.


And I used to think coin dealers were rich.... 893blahblah.gif



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I noticed that certain national dealers are currently offering "BU" sets for $700 m/l. I guarantee those sets are low-quality MS-60 BUs, and that at least a couple of the coins (the tougher ones) are sliders.



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I just completed my Franklin Dansco. I stayed with MS64/MS65 and FBL when I could afford it. I love taking the album out and looking at it. Nice mix of blast white and toners. Some interesting toning too. It was financed by poker winnings.....

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