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Scratched half dime advice (several Pics)

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Hi, I am very new to the grading and slabbing of coins, although I have been an "accumulator" for a while.

My question regards the half dime below. although in AU condition, it has significant scratches (pointed out in purple), almost graffitti like on both front and back.

The coin also appears to have a repunched date, and a reverse die clash. ( pointed out in red)

Would NGC still grade this coin and note the scratches???? OR would they simply body bag it back to me ??? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.







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Hi cookscoins and Welcome!


It's been my experience that NGC and PCGS would BB your coin. However, I believe ANACS would slab the coin in their now older (white slab with their blue logos on the insert?) with an annotation of scratched. It appears from your scans there is a re-punched date (RPD) that I see south of the "1" digit and I believe they would annotate that as well on the insert.

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I assume NGC would put it in an NCS holder with "AU details".




Hmm ... good point James.


Here's a current eBay auction. This threw me a loop since PCGS did slab this coin. I would have thought it wouldn't slab due to the deep scratches on the obverse and reverse. Yes -- it's a rare off-metal but I thought they wouldn't slab it because of those scratches. Do they (PCGS and/or NGC) give extra consideration in those types of cases?

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send it to NCS. they'll either give it a details grade or if it is able to get a real grade, they send it across the hall to NGC. that's the best and most economical way--you won't pay for a body bag and if it is good, they'll tell you.

i'll cross my fingers, but not hold my breath.

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