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1974 D Kennedy DDO

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They are found in circulation but you'll have to look at a lot of coins to find one. They're like shooting fish in a barrel in the mint sets with about 1: 80 being a DDO.

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very nice.. what a great series.


so if they are in circulation does that mean they were yanked from mint sets to be spent.... or are they in circulation *and* mint sets.

which brings up a whole new thought... are mint set coins made along with the same coins put into circulation...



if i find one in circulation does that mean it was originally from a mint set?



i'm on a mission, and i'm not going to pay full price wink.gif

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I have one of these that was a door prize from a coin show. It was struck by very old dies and barely even looks to be unc because of it. Many people have claimed to find these in circulation.


Many of the mint set coins are in circulation. It would probably be around 10 or 15,000 of the DDO's originally from mint sets.


Mint set dies are frequently retired to strike coins for circulation. These are used for around 25,000 strikes before signifigang wear begins to show up but can be used for another half a million before the quality is too poor for regular business strikes.

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