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What if the Peace $$ was for sale at $750?

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Good point.


I remember a few years back when a certain Las Vegas casino owner paid $67K for a "monster" toned commem (not even a rare comem).


If you've got a few mil in the bank, a few K is just pocket change.

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I think the excitement over this coin is the very high asking price. What if it was listed for just 50% over sheet? Would anybody care?


I'm not sure why they care now. Those people who are shocked that an AT coin got slabbed are pretty clueless. Happens every day - many times a day - at EVERY grading service.


Most of the people shocked don't know what real toned coins look like because all they see is the stuff in slabs and think it is OK. They don't remember before slabs. Ask dealers who have been around a long time about toned coins. Ask them how many monster toned coins they saw 20-30 years ago compared to today. Why is it that there are more today. The JOKE is that the increased prices bring them out of collections.


About a year ago I spoke to an EXPERIENCED dealer. Asked him how many X he saw 10 years ago. None. How many do you see now. Lots. And 2 + 2 = WHAT? Answer: That the increased prices bring them out of collections. wink.gif27_laughing.gifwink.gif


Look at several of the major hoards of toned coins. Many people know who made these coins. They're slabbed by NGC. They're slabbed by PCGS. They're slabbed by ANACS. They're slabbed by ICG. They're slabbed by ALL the services. They're AT. We know who MADE them. Many are still being made today. A small percentage still get thru the services. People are blind to them. The end buyers either don't know or don't care.


This incident will be forgotten very soon, just like the many ones before it. NGC will probably buy the coin back and throw it in the back of their safe. Then life is good. Then we can all close our eyes and sleep at night knowing that 2003 Silver Eagle with monster rainbow toning in the PCGS MS67 slab is real toning and not AT. After all, it toned that way because it's pure silver...

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I would be curious as to which hoards you are referring too Greg? I might know of one you are referring too.....but I assume that the BC coins is not one you are talking about...correct? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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