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Anyone heard of a 2005 Double Die?How 'bout this 1969S?

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Hi! I hope everyone is doing fine in 2006! I found a 2005 that appears to be doubled --not mechanical doubled ---doubled but then again I'm new at this...I would appreciate any views and advice on this. I think the doubling can best beseen in IGWT , theletters show raised doubling and notches and raised doubling shows on 2005 the 00's look like doughnuts and the outside bend of the 5 shows some, the inside loop and bar of the 2 shows as well. Thanks, Fred

p><p> and how about this one I just found?   <img src=[/img]

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dinwiddie: I'm not seeing anything on your 1969-S cent scan. That particular date/mint is notorious for mechanical doubling which can be mistaken for a true doubled die. It must have notching to be a genuine doubled die. Of course there is the famous and well-known 69-S 1c DDO#1 which is visible with the naked eye. There are a couple of other minor DDO's for the 69-S 1c that very few know about. They show some minor doubling on the date but no where else on the obverse. Currently, as far as I know, there are no known 69-S 1c DDR's. If you want you can send your 69-S with your 2005 cent for me to examine.


I'm not trying to come across as the bearer of bad news. But only rather pointing out known facts and of course we will know definatively after examination of your coins. I'm also in the process of posting some Web pages illustrating mechanical doubling versus genuine doubled dies. Something tells me I also need to do some more articles in NN to help out collectors on this subject. There is never too much knowledge -- right? I will let all know when the pages are ready and they can be referred to anytime.

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An old image I found after I saw your post.

Here is a 1968 S NGC 66RD that I pulled from a mint set. Notice the doubling on the profile ( forehead, nose, and chin ) and front of jacket. Liberty is uneven and the date is doubled but not obvious in this photo. I don’t know if it is of any importance, I just think it is interesting. I could make a better image on request if any one is interested


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