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Filling a hole

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Melt shmelt! These stinkin gold prices are really cramping my style when it comes to filling my last few common date holes! P-mints from the 20s used to run $450 in MS-64, now they are double that! Oh for the good old days of sub-$300 gold!


This one is actually a pretty nice example (photos always exaggerate the marks and planchet flaws). I still need a 25 and 23-D among the commons in the 20s, but the 23 is usually a bigger challenge. It's certainly common in MS-63 and lower, but tougher when you get to MS-64 and MS-65, and almost impossible above MS-65 (Akers rated this issue an R-1 in MS-60 to MS-62, R-3 in MS-63 jumping to low R-6 in MS-64 and high R-6 in MS-65). Generally these are fairly well struck, though most have weakness around the Capitol building and nearby stars, though this one has nice details in the Capitol with moderate weakness by the stars, a little better than usual, however there is some weakness in the torch and hand. Like many other examples of this date, this one has a partial wire rim (unfortunately obscured by the holder), you can see a little of it in the photo above the IBE in Liberty on the obverse, and a large section of the reverse extending from the I in United almost to the eagle's tail feathers.


I am anxious to add a photo and description to my registry set, but I've not been able to log on since this morning (Arch is looking into it).

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