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Question about a dealer.

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Back in the early to mid 90's I was stationed in Monterey, CA in the USN. I would frequently attend the Fremont Coin Club Coin Show. I remember a dealer who specialized in "Full Red" Indians and Lincolns and always had a large selection of them on hand. The only problem was, every coin on his table had the exact same color, almost a dead give away that there was some artificial enhancement going on. I remember that all of his coins were raw and in 2x2 holders and were written on with red and blue markers with grades like MS-64++ and things like that. To an untrained eye they coins looked fantastic. I wonder today how many of those coins are residing in people's collections,and how many have been body bagged by the major TPG's. Does anyone else remeber this dealer?



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Never heard of your guy, probably since I am on the other coast!

There is a dealer on the way home from work that I went into once and quickly saw them to be questionable at best. I dont like giving him the business, but occasionally if I need tubes or flips, its an easy things to stop and pick up there as its right on the way...thats about all I could recommend buying there though.


About a month ago I stopped in for 2x2's. I paid, took my change from the sale and just put it in my pocket without looking at it like I do at any other store (I tend to think it would be impossible to get a rarity in change from a dealer...surely they filter their register, at least I would)


I take the change out of my pocket when I get home and see that every coin was extremely discolored in some way. The pennies were deep purple, and the clad coins were all browned with various pattern. Obviously he is playing with AT techniques on his register money....I can only guess that some of the less obvious AT results have gone out the door in raw coin sales. I havent been back since then....I dont know if I even want to buy flips from a guy like that.

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