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1888 IHC -- I Need Opinions On This ...

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A little background first:


I recently had a table this past weekend at our annual Low Country Coin Club Show located here in beautiful Charleston, SC. At our table we set-up with my stereoscope, camera and provide verbal opinions on errors and varieties that collectors bring to us. We don't sell or buy so our table is complimentary and we also provide materials for promoting YN's to our great hobby.


A gentleman came up to my table and said he had an 1888 IHC that he always thought something was strange about it. He wanted me to look at his coin. He did not mention to me what it specifically was that he thought was strange to him so as not to pre-influence my examination of his coin.


I put the coin under my stereoscope and in about 2 seconds my draw dropped. The gentleman was watching my almost immediate expression and he stated to me, "Looks like you see something already?" Upon regaining my composure, I told him it looks to me that I'm definately seeing something going on with the last digit "8" of the date. He replied with, "Yep -- didn't take you long to see what I thought was strange!"


I checked with the CPG Guide and there is the 1888 IHC FS-010 (Snow-1) that exhibits a last digit "8" over remnants of a "7" digit. However, when comparing, this gentleman's specimen did not look like that particular CPG listing. I then proceeded to further check with the CPG Guide in comparing with the FS-010.7 (Snow-2) listing. Again -- this gentleman's 1888 specimen did not look like that one either! Besides not exhibiting any remnants within the loops of the other "8" digits -- additionally, his coin does not have the possible serif of a digit "1" protruding into the field from the first bead of the necklace. I didn't see any additional references to other possible 8/7 listings.


Below are a couple of photos I took of his coin. Prominent raised remnants are visible within the upper loop of the last "8" digit. Additionally, remnants can be seen protruding at the lower left bottom curvature of the "8" digit as well.


I didn't want to give the gentleman any wrong opinion at this early juncture at the show, but told him that his coin warrants additional study and that I would confer with other IHC specialist and get back with him.


Is this a possible new "8 over 7" IHC? Or -- are there other references to this in other books I don't have in my library yet? I need your opinions on what were seeing here. Any thoughts are sincerely appreciated.


Edited to add: I don't know if Rich Snow frequents this forum or not. I know he is across the street.





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The only reference I have to IHC varieties is the collection of books by Rick Snow, so I can't really help you with other sources. However, the possibility of discovering a new variety certainly isn't out of the question, even in the early 21st century. After all, there are still millions and millions of unsearched IHC's floating around.

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Deffinately some kind of overdate. Without my reference handy, it seems to me that the 1888 over 7 shows the charateristic of the bottom of the 7 sticking out from the bottom of the eight like this coin. I know Rick Snow has posted on this forum in the past. You may want to just call his 1-800 number and have him look at the photos. Let us know what he says.



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yes you have an 1888 over 7 and the last 8 was repunched over the 7


i would say about 35 are known and it is a high interest overdate and if the coin is a vf/xf the coin is worth around 1800.00++

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Thanks for the replys everybody.


I didn't convey this in my initial post but what was nagging me the last few days was it seemed like I had seen this possible "8/7" before. A different collector had sent me an 1888 IHC about 6 or 7 years ago and his coin exhibited very similar remnants as we see in the photos. Fortunately, and what I hoped would happen, was that since I posted the photos he would see them and contact me. He did so last night.


Arrangements are being made with this other collector in my re-examining his coin and doing a side-by-side comparison with the coin from the show. If this previous collector's 1888 IHC mates as a duplicate of the coin that I examined at the show this past weekend -- then this collector would actually be recognized as the original reporting while the collector's coin from the show would be the confirmation specimen.


Of course -- this is all contingent upon confirmation this is in fact a new 8/7 overdate. Were not there on that aspect yet. Plus it's even better to have two specimens to examine rather than just the one.


I will be attending the upcoming ANA Convention in Atlanta and will have the coins available for examination and hopefully it will be confirmed. It is my understanding that Rick Snow has a table assigned for the show. My plan is to have Rick examine the coins since he is the leading authority on IHC series. I also plan to do additional photos and overlays. So -- we will see what happens.


Are any of you attending the ANA Convention? I hope we can have an opportunity to meet.

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Hi Billy.

Would you mind if I posted your images on the Fly-in Club Forum? Rick will probably spot it there, if you have not already contacted him yet.


Hi Larry,


Geeze -- I didn't even think about the Fly-In Club forum. Dummy me! Sure -- you can post my two photos over there. Also here's a Web page that you can link as well. Web Page Link


I'm guessing but wouldn't Rick be at the Long Beach Show going on right now?


For Hayden: Yes -- I will also be bringing my 1942/3-D 1c to the show with me for anybody that wants to examine it. I get the feeling this is going to be a "wild & crazy" ANA Money Show. This should be lots of fun!!!!

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