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YOU might be the NEXT VICTIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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With all the recent robberies at the FUN show, I urge coin collectors and coin dealers to be more on guard at this next Long Beach show. Many folks seem a bit careless these days. Use a two person team when entering or leaving the show with coins, make sure your car is fully gassed, and try some unusual maneuvers when driving back and forth to the show, just to make sure your not being followed. By the way, the Long Beach Police Department is located literally three blocks from the convention center, so a quick drive by might deter robbers.




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If you're driving, carry pepper spray. IN YOUR HAND! I do it at my bank. I get some looks, but no one says anything. It's legal and it's ...AWFUL!!!


I got a whiff just the other day from blowing the pocket lint out of the spout. Completely dry and just blew the lint out with a little puff. The ...residual.. of a test spray a couple MONTHS ago was enough to hurt my throat and eyes.


If flying, just BUY a container. Many gun shops sell it. About 8-10 bucks will get you a leetle tiny one that is FULL of pain.


Needless to say, if you can get CCW for a gun, carry that also. I have CCW. I like the pepper better because the law says you should LEAVE the scene after using.

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