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Kudos to Ebay!

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First off let me say that when owning a small business Ebay can be a very usefull tool or method of selling. We have been selling since 2001 on Ebay. Well on Feb 2nd I went to access our Ebay account as usal and found I could not access it. At first I was hot and all mad. Then I quickly found our account have been accessed by someone other than us. I am still trying to figure out how they managed to get in. Well this other person tried to list a Harley Davison Motorcycle which is rather expensive. Ebay quickly spotted the auction and ended it right away. I was afraid they has also ended our real auctions as well. They had not. The auctions finished without interruption. So comes the time for new auctions a few days after. I run Turbo Lister as normal finish my auctions and get ready to upload. I get an error message saying that our account may be in violation. I quickly hit there help area to see how this can be fixed or what can be done about it. Then I thought to myself, maybe turbo lister is the problem. So I went to sell item page and proceeded. I get the message "Your account has been suspended from Selling and or bidding. To Get help click here" I am taken to a page with a link for LIVE HELP! Not email help or anything else. They say there will be a 7 minute wait to speak with a representative. Which was not even 7 minutes. Very fast if you ask me. I talked to the representative, who was very professional and he solved my problem very fast. He reactivated the account to full status. He said it would take 5 to 10 minutes after to be functional. Which is not long at all. Oddly the mans name was Fenderm which is odd since we sell musical gear on ebay. Overall the whole ordeal was A++. Could not ask for anything more. Feel Free to comment.

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Spoof Emails are very rampant now - THEY LOOK REAL - With REAL EBAY LOGO LINKS.

I got bagged by one of these and I agree that Ebay Security Department is excellent. When EVER anything now comes in that has anything to do with MY MONEY

I check the routing and HTML. You will find that the button you press for going to "SOLVE watever problem it is" goes to somewhere other than EBAY and the first thing they want you to do is .... Enter you user name and password.

They were selling all kinds of Electronic gadjets on my sellers page but about 20 items. If you use PAYPAL make sure they didn't change the routing address of the money - I found this AFTER my account was reactivated. This however gave Ebay an account to go after ... Watch out for those sppof Emails ...


Glad your back on line and good luck



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Glad you got it resolved Bruce, and that eBay handled it the way they did. The spoof emails are easy to spot, and what's nice about eBay is that they will never tell you to log in to your account to verify account information. Knowing this arms a user with an excellent defense against spoof emails.



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