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Morgan Silver Dollars?

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Hey all, ok, to start off I know essentialy nothing about modern coins (my expertise is more in the realm of Roman and Greek issues....). Anyway, my grandmother has a few bags of Morgan Silver Dollars in a deposit box (something like 2000 coins I believe). They look to be in ok condition (i.e. no noticable extreme ware) but are circulated. So, i'm just wondering how much these are worth?



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Without seeing pics or dates and mintmarks, min $8-$10 each. Some could be worth hundreds or thousands.

Quite a spread I know. Every coin is a new deal.

Edit to say welcome to the forum. It's a great place to learn.


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Welcome!!!! Just please don't sell them at melt. Are all the coins just loose in the bags? It's imperative to check them for the key and semi-key's. Actually, for anything worth more than melt.


To be more specific, this is what Idhair means. There might be a 1881-S in VF condition that's worth $10-$15. Or you may find a 1893-S in the same condition and they are worth around $5,000-$6,000!!!!! Be careful.


There are also significant price jumps within the same date and mint mark. An 1883-S in XF-45 is worth $25-$35. The next grade up, AU-50, the value jumps up to $100-$135. You really need to have someone who knows what they are doing look at them. Where are you located? Someone here may be able to suggest a trusted coin dealer. Or at least someone to look and see if there are any potential important ones.


And please, if you go find a dealer on your own, don't hesitate to come to the boards and say who it is. Nothing wrong with that. Good chance someone here will know the dealer or check into it.


If you can, it would be fun for you to at least put 5-10 of the date and mint marks up! You might have a homerun right off the bat!!!!





edit: forgot...people are paying more attention to VAMs. Do you know what they are?

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Wish I had a Gradmother with a few BAGS of Morgan Dollars smile.gif - Why is it all the people that don't collect get the goodie bags and us that do, well you know have to scour around smile.gif

You might list some dates and mint marks and we can tell you what some of them are - With bags they are probably common dates but who knows.

The Mint mark is on the reverse of the coin right above the "DO" in dollar.

Good Luck


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