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My Baltimore Show report!

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My uncle, his nephew, my son and I all went to the show today and arrived just prior to the door opening to the public.


The doors opened and we entered. As I made my way to Rick Snow's table to return a token to him I immediately noticed what appeared to be an abnormally large amount of empty tables........due to the weather??


First stop, per my son.....the dude at the back with the rocks and fossils! He got a nice Amethyst crystal and a trilobite fossil. hahaha


My son and I then went to the ANACS booth and I spoke with James Taylor for a few minutes while we waited in a line that had already formed for "opinions". He showed me the new slab prototype and the final version. I thought it was nice looking and it was neat how you could actually view the rim thru the plastic plus the top was labelled in similar fashion to a SEGS slab for ease of viewing from above while in a box.


I then went to the NGC table to submit some of my monitor tokens for multi-holdering! David Lange helped me. He was VERY friendly and helpful......I RARELY submit a thing to anyone!!! I goofed up and left one of my tokens at the bank so I only submitted four of them for 1 multi holder.


While I was doing that I had him look at an ANACS MS63RB 1955 DDO Lincoln that I have owned for several years and that I've always felt was at Least a 63. He viewed it and offered his opinion that it was a 64. He had also done the same a couple of years ago at a show. This time, I decided to go ahead and submit it to NGC so I will know in about a month I guess what they think. I told him that I'd take a cross at 63RB or even a 64BR but he believed that there was sufficient RD for the RB. While we sat there another employee gave my son a sample slab.


We then walked around a bit and stopped at ICG and some young guy gave my boy a sample slab made just for that show. He said only 42 were made. We later stopped at the PCGS table and some guy gave my boy a couple samples of the paper money grading things as well as a sample slab.


We walked up and down every aisle of the show starting at the 100 row. To be honest, there was hardly anything that caught my eye even enough for me to even consider spending any of my cash. There seemed to be quite a large amount of slabbed generic gold for sale and lots of generic slabbed walkers and whatnot. I didn't see many true KEY dates and if I did, they were either way out of my price range or way below (in grade) what I would consider. Third tier slabs were few and far between. I saw one ACG coin all day and probably more ANACS coins than I have ever noticed.


I had set out today looking for an 1815 half and an 1804 quarter.....2 fairly difficult coins to locate. By the time we had gotten to Osburn's table (#1150??) nearly the last aisle, I had only seen 3 1815's and they were more than I wanted to spend and only 1 of them was attractive. I had only seen 1 1804 quarter and it was nice but it was raw and I was not familiar with the dealer.


After lunch we pretty much finished walking the bourse and my uncle came and told me he wanted me to look at a dime at Osburn's table. I told him that was the next place we were heading. By 2 or 3 o'clock the bourse was beginning to resemble a ghost town.....void of a huge amount of dealers as well as shoppers!!!


The boy and I first came across a large sized 1 dollar bill in a case for 9.00. I told him that he ought to snag that for 9.00 and he was hesitant about spending his money. I offered to pay for 5.00 of it and told him that he should ask the man if he would sell it for 8. The guy overheard me (because I meant for him to) and told my son he could have it for 7. My boy that that was pretty funny that I bought nearly the entire thing for him.


At Osburn's table.....I told him what I was looking for and he pulled out a VF30 (raw) 1815 CBH and a raw 1804 G4 quarter. They were just what I was looking for and in the price range I was wanting to be but only one problem.......I like my key dates certified for my protection and for the liquidity if I should decide or need to sell any of them.


wasn't too keen on plastic but we worked out a deal and I prepaid him for the coins. He is submitting them and I am hopefully picking them up at FUN.


I think this helped my uncle (Tom) out as he liked a nice little 1796? dime in NGC25 that had. ended up discounting it for him quite a bit and my uncle snagged it.


I showed my VF25 1836RE half and he began to tell me about one just like it that had been on a Heritage auction just a few weeks ago. I laughed and told him that the coin he was holding was that coin! It's amazing that these dealers recall such things.


In all of my stops today I saw only one person spend money on stuff (and that was at 's table while we were talking) and even overheard one dealer ask another "When's the public going to show up" as he laughed. There wasn't much at the show that I was interested in and I suspect that was possibly due to quite a few of the dealers not even being there from the start of the day.......and a great majority of the remaining ones packing up and leaving throughout the day from 10am on.



We finally got ready to leave about 4 and I forgot to pick up some State quarters for my wife. She was wanting a bunch of the Denver ones to give her stepfather. We couldn't find anyone with them by this time so Wayne Herndon offered to mail me all of the ones she had written down as well as the ones my boy needs for this year with a small invoice. My boy then wanted to go back over the the last aisle and look at a coin that had caught his eye. We went over and he found the tray of them and began rooting thru them and got his wallet out. They were PAINTED Silver Eagles!!!!!!!!!! foreheadslap.gif I took him aside and told him that if he really wanted to spend 15.00 on one that he could but I wanted him to know that I thought he should save his money for something else. He agreed. acclaim.gif


It was a good time but the lack of dealers and decent material was a bit disappointing to me. My uncle picked up the VF25 NGC 1796 dime, his nephew grabbed some common morgans and an XF 1914d cent. He kept trying to talk me down on my 1918/7D buffalo that I never budged on. grin.gif I was very tempted earlier in the day by a PCGS EF40 1785? Bar Cent but don't know enough about them to drop that kind of dough.

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no it wasn't Cameron but I'll bet he doesn't have one of those sample slabs!


That's probably not a good bet to make. tongue.gif



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Nice report Goose.


I couldn't make the show due to the weather. My flight was delayed beyond the point where I felt it was worth hanging around to make the show for a little over a day's stay.


I'll be at the next one and look forward to meeting you then.


Bar Cent heh?

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Thanks for the show report.


I met Goose at the end of the day by Wayne Herdon's table.


I was also there for the day. I spent most of my time talking to people. I graded a few for people. I don't mind helping out other collectors. Then I passed out some fliers for the Frederick MD coin club.


I sold 1 coin and got what I wanted for it. I didn't want it and it didn't fit in my collection anyways. Dealers were wanting to buy. Some would ask, you do have anything to sell instead of trying to sell me a coin first.


I was after 1 coin, a 1939 proof nickel but found none. Some dealers would have the 1938-1942 proof, but no 1939's. It has the lowest mintage of the Jefferson nickels but is not that rare.

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