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My first raw submission results from NGC!

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Well, after 3 days in Quality control, the grades are finally out! Overall, 4 of 5 were positive surprises, while one was a negative surprise, but most importantly, NO Bodybags!!! (something I could never say across the street). So here are the details:


1807 Half O-110A Obverse

1807 Half O-110A Reverse


I bought this coin raw, graded F, and I honestly expected it to go F-15, NGC thought it was a VF-25! grin.gif


1810 Half O-108 Obverse

1810 Half O-108 Reverse


This one was my only real disappointment, as I thought it would go EF-40, but NGC gave it a VF-35. frown.gif Overall though I still love this coin, and it's my favorite capped bust half.


1831 Half O-103 Obverse

1831 Half O-103 Reverse


This was a common coin, just added it since I needed 5 for the freebies. I expected it to go VF-20, but NGC graded it VF-25. smile.gif


1958-D Franklin Obverse

1958-D Franklin Reverse


This one I submitted because I really like the toning on the obverse, very hard to find really attractive toning (to me at least) on this series. I bought it raw as an MS-64, and I thought that was about right, though maybe a shot at a 65. NGC graded it MS-64 FBL ( blush.gif don't ask me how that happened, maybe I am reading the results incorrectly, but it says "FBL" under the strike character column, so go figure). smile.gif


1916-S Saint Obverse

1916-S Saint Reverse


I bought this one as a raw "unc" but I saw some potential here. I thought it was a solid MS-62 with a shot at a 63. NGC graded it MS-63! grin.gif So I guess you can see which series I have the most grading talent in!


So that's the result, overall, I am quite pleased! I am not frustrated and angry as I can so vividly recall after every PCGS submission I ever sent! Great job NGC, and thanks for restoring my faith in the concept of 3rd party grading (for a while there I started questioning my grading ability even on Saints!).

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Those are some great looking coins Jeff! cool.gif I especially like the 1810 bust half and the Franklin. Nice photos too. Congrats.



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Thanks! now I can't wait to get them back! As an incorrigible optimist, I look at the bright side, even though the grade on the 1810 was disappointing, at least it's a Pop-1 coin! tongue.gif

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Well I credit my harshness to my newness with the series (this is my favorite and only draped bust half). I thought it would go F probably because I mistook some weakness in strike for wear. As I get more experience with the series, hopefully I will learn how to grade a bit better.

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I am not sure what the sheet prices are for that coin, but my guess is that I paid strong F money for it.

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The 1831 looks very nice as it appears to be completely original. It is truly impossible for me to tell simply from these sets of pictures, but, the 1807 and 1810 look to have been lightly cleaned at one point. In the case of the 1810, NGC may have "net" graded it to VF35 as this date is notoriously weakly struck.

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