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1983 ddr

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I wish I could get as clear and large of an image as Hayden Tubbs' !


That's actually the cropped down image grin.gif


Take a look at "ONE C" - the doubling is pretty clear on either side of each letter, despite the quality of the scan.


That's definitely not the well-know(and well doubled) FS-36 that I posted,but it is doubled plainly on ONE C as you said and looks like it has light doubling on the other letters in the various mottos if you look closely.I only have the Cherrypicker's guide and it's not listed in there.Does anyone else have any of the other guides that are devoted to just Lincoln cents?


Where's Billy when you need him? Speaking of Billy,I haven't seen him on the boards for a while,anyone know what happened to him? I enjoyed his posts on Lincoln varieties...



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dinwiddie: Kinda hard to tell with your scans. From what I can see, it looks like I see doubling on ONE, letter "C" of CENT, UNITED, parts of STATES. More importantly, I think I see a die crack extending from the lower right corner of the building extending to the rim. There is a DDR for the 1983 listed in my files as CDDR-002 and in the CONECA files as 2-R-V that matches to that die crack and doubling description. Yours could be that one. Below is a couple of photos of the 1983 1c CDDR-002/CONECA 2-R-V. If it is DDR#2 -- it is actually much more rare than the well known major DDR#1. I hope this helps...





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