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Coin Show Report - White Plains, NY

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I just got back from the "White Plains" show. This year, the show was held in Rye Brook, NY (about 5 miles down the road), because the show got kicked out of its usual venue in favor of a Bar Mitzvah. The show is expected to be back in the Westchester County Center for its January 20-22 and March 24-26 shows. This show usually has about 150 dealers or so, of which about a third are stamp dealers. This year, because the show was in a smaller room, it had about 100 dealers, of which about 10-15 were stamp dealers and the aisles were very, very narrow.


Forewarned by Roadrunner's post (across the street) from yesterday, I knew the hotel would be hard to find, and it was - all tucked into the trees! At least there was lots of free parking.


Most of the usual dealers were there, with the notable exception of Tom Stepanski of Dart Coins. I chatted briefly with Jon Lerner and he and a couple of other dealers said that the show had been pretty good for them.


Much to my pleasure, there were a couple of dealers there who I hadn't seen before, so I looked over their inventory carefully. The rest of the dealers had their usual inventory: common and generic gold was in good supply, as were slabbed MS Morgans, Peace dollars and classic Commems. I did see a couple of slabbed Bust dollars (Coins of Merrit had an 1800 in a PCGS-30 slab - I didn't bother asking the price - and New World Rarities had a 1799 in a similar grade [don't remember whether it was NGC or ANACS]). New World Rarities also had an 1825/4 Bust quarter (!) in a XF-45 slab (ANACS, I think) - I rarely see slabbed Bust quarters. On the whole, I thought that NWR had a smaller inventory than normal, even though they had as large a table as they usually do.


I had an interesting chat with one dealer about GSA-slabbed CC Morgans (I was discussing the potential sale of an '85-CC). He indicated that the market for the GSA-slabbed coins seems to have pretty much dried up, that Carson City King isn't advertising in the Grey Sheet to buy them anymore and that the dealer I was talking to has stopped bringing them to shows because they don't sell. Has anyone else heard this? I was very surprised to hear this, as I thought these coins were very liquid. (Come to think of it, I didn't see that many today.)


Somewhat to my surprise, I bought four coins today: a raw XF 1929-D Merc for my Dansco set, a raw XF 1841-O Seated Dime (just because I don't see early Seated O-mint coins that often) and two Bust halves, a raw XF 1811 (O-112) and an ANACS-45 1813 (O-110). As you Bust Half Nuts know, the 1811 is a better Overton variety. I actually paid a smallish premium for the coin - I fear I may now be doomed to buy a copy of the new edition of Overton (Save Me!)


All-in-all, a good show. Now, on to Parsippany a week from tomorrow and Baltimore after that!

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