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NGC 1883 Proof Registry Set NOT the Complete 10 Coin Set ??

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sign-rantpost.gif I am a little upset that the NGC registry Set for the year 1883 PROOF is not listed as a 10 coin set as it should be. For those that don't understand. In 1883 There were actually Three nickels put out in that year. The Shield Nickel - The No "Cents" Nickel and The "Cents" Nickel. The registry here only has nine coins in the set and I had to decide which one to post as I have all three nickels. Even more unique is that I have a serial numbered set from 001 - 009 so it would be a lot more a significant a set if ALL THE serial numbers were put up. ( I have just completed the set with a Different numbered Trade dollar so take a look at the number 2 slot in 1883 Proof Sets flamed.gif

Over at PCGS it is as it should be a 10 coins set. IS this going to be rectified any time soon or is it not going to be changed at all.


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I just fixed this little oversight and it is now a 10 coin set. I am sorry for inconvenience but now all three nickels are required for this registry set.


Jay Turner

NGC Grader and Attributor

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