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Grade my coin thanks.

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Scan is too dark and too small to grade the coin.....plus you didn't post an image of the reverse so that also makes it impossible to grade. The coin looks to be in the range of AU to Uncirculated.

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Sorry I suck at scans. It doesn't have one nick or scratch under a microscope. Back is pretty too.....I am a total newbie but want to invest in coins.....

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If you're a newbie, the first thing you should do is read Scott Travers' book "Coin Collector's Survival Manual."


The second thing you should learn is how wide the "spread" (difference between the price you pay when you buy a coin and the price you get when you sell a coin) is for coins versus stocks, etc.


"Investing" in coins is like "investing" in art or antiques. The more you know, the less likely you are to get hosed.

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looks choice au to me maybe even higher?/ but the scan is not great


but the coin looks really nice to me and also above average eye appeal thumbsup2.gif


go to this web site




and click on their articles page library page


there are many great articles on coins and coin collecting investing?? and good articles for new collectors so they can enter with caution and also some savvy


all free to read and escellant articles i have read them all more than once!


good luck and ask any questions you want on here some really good fair minded collectoers on here

some jerks also but you get that in every crowd juat take waht you want and leave the rest

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