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Making signature sets more ... functional

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I am loving the Signature Sets! They are a wonderful bunch of sets and I'm having a blast with my own. I have a couple of suggestions for future functionality.


1) Make it so that a person can completely clear the individual coin information in any given slot with a "clear all fields" check box in the "Add/Edit Coin Details" screen for any given slot. This would remove the Slot Name, Slot Comment, Certification #, Country, Grade, Denom, Year, Mint Mark, Strike, Proof, Variety, Personal Coin Comments, and PHOTOS in one fell swoop, but would leave the slot blank and available for renaming. If one field MUST be filled, then let it be the Slot Name only. Currently, clearing information from ALL fields is impossible, short of deleting the slot. This functionality might also be added to the "Edit Signature Set" view.


As it is, one must delete a slot from the "Edit Signature Set" view if one want's it clear, then add the slot back in at the next screen. This is less than intuitive. smile.gif


2) Don't display the following fields in the "Signature Set Coin Detail" view:


.......Set Category:

.......Set Name:

.......Set Theme:

.......Set Description:


Since you see each of these categories in the "Signature Set Overview" it's both redundant and a little distracting to repeat these fields in the "Signature Set Coin Detail" view.


smile.gif So far, the Signature Sets are great fun, so thanks for all the great work! yay.gif



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One more ideer -


Allow the insertion of a slot comment independently of a coin for the slot. Slot comments can fill in the information that's background for the set independently of a coin filling the slot. (When a coin fills the slot, then, obviously, the particular coin's description can go into that field.) This way, a person could tell the background story of the set without being required to have all the coins "here and now."



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  • Administrator

Thanks for your suggestions Hoot! We will definitely consider them during our next round of improvements to the Sig Sets functionality.

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