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dumb Eliasberg question..

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i'd love to own *anything* that he owned.. i'm sure i'm not alone, but i can't imagine that every little coin was slabbed with the pedigree noted...

how could i get my hands on oh let's say his 1961 lincoln.. a 1970 quarter.. anything at all, just something slabbed with "Eliasberg" noted on it....


was it just his high end stuff that was slabbed.. or is it possible to snatch something up for like $100...?

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It's not a dumb question.


An Eliasberg coin would be a real neat centerpoint and conversation piece to anyones collection.


In my opinion.


No, they probably were no all slabbed, so if you were to search for one, I would start with the reputable dealers who might have some kind of proof of lineage.


Good Luck to You!



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I saw a lovely 1894 Barber Dime recently auctioned ( Heritage ) , that was part of Eliasberg's original sale. I believe that it was in an NGC Proof 66 holder - if memory serves me right - and it had lots of character.


I threw in a substantial bid, but was bumped by a measily $250 - or there abouts. The cruxt of this reply is that I wanted this coin, not because it actually belonged to Eliasberg, but that it resided for many years adjacent to the ultra rare 1894-S, also deemed a proof. ( I personally feel that the 1894-S dime was a specimen striking though...strictly a personal observation ! ) ... sort of rubbing elbows with "the rich and famous".


Would have bumped my bid again if it wern't already too high...really liked that coin, none-the-less.

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